3 High-Security Lock Brands to Consider

High-security locks are not exactly meant for headquarters of intelligence agencies, and bank vaults (though they have things that are far better than that). It is meant for your local home and/or business. Forced and unforced entry to your property of all kinds are more common than you think. It’s not just brutes breaking into your home with a gun to terrorize you. In fact, in most cases it might be a smart lock picker that enters your home clandestinely, and robs you silently under the cover of darkness, and silence. 


What could be worse, you might ask? 


If you are not living under a rock, then there is something that is called the dream of every amateur lock picker. This is to silent home invasions, what script kiddies are to the world of hacking. We are of course talking about bump keys, and the democratization of lock picking. 


Earlier, the closest that you could get to a figurative residential locksmiths trade secret was this very humble key. Also known as a 999 key. Using this key, and a blunt instrument to deliver a blow that would thrust this key further into the locking hole. This was of course not something a reliable locksmith would use, but mainly in emergency situations, where a quick entry into your home was needed. 


Then, just as hackers were getting serious in the internet age, breaking through your digital privacy, viral videos of making bump keys circulated all over as well. It wasn’t particularly hard to file them at home, or better yet, purchase them in bulk for a price probably cheaper than your daily cup of coffee! With a little bit of training, anyone who wanted to invade your home could do so. The basis for this is vulnerability of the ubiquitous pin and tumbler lock systems in use almost universally in homes. 


This should come as no surprise then, that high-security locks are and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future! In most cases they can easily be installed into your existing door lock infrastructure. More than anything, the locks are not overly expensive, and the fact is that there is no price that you can put towards the security of your own family!


There is a wide variety of brands to choose from, but here we highlight the top best brands in the industry, that have proven their worth time and time again. If you want a high-security lock, never settle for second best!


  1. Abloy: If you are looking for the closest thing you can get to Google, Apple, or more aptly, the Microsoft of the high-security lock world, ASSA Abloy Group fits the bill. Abloy locks are of course, continuing a century old Finnish tradition of excellent craftsmanship in the world of pioneering high-security locks. It merged with a fellow Scandinavian competitor, ASSA Locks from Sweden to become an all encompassing conglomerate that serves as the parent company of other major firms like Medeco (present in 60% of US residential high-security lock market) and Israeli based international brand, Mul-T-Lock

Now, because of the fact that Abloy is part of a conglomerate that owns other high-security lock companies, it has come to seriously perfect its high-security lock solutions. In fact, they have branded themselves into their very own niche of Access Solutions. 

One of the best locks made by Abloy, and one of the best high-security locks indeed, is the Abloy Protec/Protec 2 system. The Protec series of high-security locks first came out in 2001 and feature the unique rotating disk based system. It is a unique system that is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant. It has a patent that is set to expire in 2031, so there is plenty of room to maneuver with this amazing lock system. 

Besides this, companies it owns like Mul-T-Lock from Israel, have a brand reputation for some of the best Home Security Locks in the industry. Especially the fact that it is impossible to duplicate Mul-T-Lock keys unless done through an approved service centre. 


  1. BiLock: Now, if you were in the automotive industry, patenting something other than a circular wheel will give you weird looks. However, the world of high-security locks is different. Some companies make their locks secure and resistant to every invader, while others change the game entirely. There is no wonder why Australians should do any different. Their version of football, called Aussie Rules football, is not even played on a square, but oval ground! Since we are talking about locks, we will end our discussions about sport right here!

The defining factor of BiLock systems is a unique Quick Change Core (QCC) system that utilizes a unique U-shaped key. This in turn uses a pin and sidebar system which is probably one of the most pick resistant systems on the planet. Not to mention this is so bump proof, that it is the top choice for casinos and businesses worldwide. Almost all the locks they use can use the same key and interchangeable QC cores. It’s like talking about reinventing the internet to prevent hacking! Or the closest thing to it.


  1.  EVVA: The all mighty Abloy group has some serious competition from another nation known for its efficiency in crafting high-security products. Austria of course overshadows even bigger and more prosperous neighbours in their innovation in security and defence products. We are talking about Germany and Switzerland of course. From glock pistols, to the unique Steyr AUG rifles, Austria has carved a sort of brand of its own. EVVA is a direct challenger to ASSA Abloy on European as well as international markets for high-security locks. Unlike a huge conglomerate gobbling up businesses, EVVA looks to fill niche security solutions, and it does it extremely well. 

In the world of physical high-security locks, it has patented the MCS, 4KS, EPS, and ICS locking systems. All 3 are probably some of the best on the planet in their own unique ways. All locks and keys are manufactured in the factory itself to maintain high standards of security. The MCS system is unique in utilizing a magnetic system that is both unique and forget about lock-picks or bump keys; it’s even 3D printing proof! The patent protection is due to continue till 2035, and we won’t be surprised if they come up with something 10x more secure by then. 

Besides, EVVA is also engaged in electronic security keys. They feature the Xesar, which is a full on comprehensive electronic high-security lock system. Then there is also the AirKey, which is the next level of a smart-lock. It’s a high-security smart lock! It’s reputed to be as secure as online banking, which is to say a lot for the nascent world of Smart Locks. 

If you are already overwhelmed by their products, stay tuned, for the next generation of innovative high-security lock solutions are bound to originate from its headquarters in the scenic Alps! 

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