What Should I Do If My Car Key Fob Isn’t Working?

A faulty key fob is an inconvenience that can put your entire day on hold. Most car owners don’t  think twice about maintaining their key fobs until something goes wrong and they cannot get into their car or start it. Even key fobs need regular maintenance. If your key fob isn’t working, you’ll need to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. An auto locksmith can determine the issue and resolve it. Give Real Time Locksmith a call, we can offer any key fob service that fits your needs!


Why Has My Key Fob Stopped Working?

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While it’s frustrating when your key fob stops working, most of the time the solution can be relatively simple. These are the most common key fob issues.


Drained Key Fob Batteries

This problem has a pretty straightforward solution. Key fob batteries tend to run out over time and all you need to do is to buy a replacement battery. Since this is the most common key fob issue you’ll face, it’s always a good idea to keep a few extra batteries or even a spare key fob on hand. 


Your Key Fob Needs to be Reprogrammed

In order for a key fob to properly work, it needs to be effectively paired with the receiver unit in your car. This is what prevents anyone with the same make and model of car from walking up and using their key fob to unlock your car. If you’ve been pressing buttons on your key fob and your car isn’t responding, it’s likely that your key fob needs to be reprogrammed. You can reprogram your key fob by turning the key in the ignition a few times while the door is shut.


How to reprogram your key fob:

  1. Get inside your car and close the door.
  2. Insert the keys in the ignition.
  3. Don’t start the vehicle, but turn the key to the run position and back to the locked position a few times in a row.
  4. If your vehicle uses this method of reprogramming, you should hear a chime after you have turned the key several times.
  5. Press the lock or unlock button on the fob. You should hear a second chime. 
  6. Your key fob should now work.


Different vehicles require different reprogramming methods. Some methods require special equipment. Your best bet would be to call a car locksmith who can reprogram car key fobs of your vehicle’s model and make. 


Broken or Stuck Buttons

Key fobs can be thrown around quite a bit and you have to remember that they aren’t indestructible. Due to constant use, their buttons can get stuck or break. To fix the buttons that are stuck, you can readjust them by removing the buttons, cleaning them, and then reassembling the remote. If the buttons still don’t work, you’ll need to buy a new remote. You call an auto locksmith who can examine your key fob and take the right steps to repair or replace it.


Should I Repair or Replace My Car Key Fob?

Repairing your key fob may seem simple at times, but occasionally the solution can be more complex. When your key fob’s buttons are completely broken, you may want to consider getting your key fob replaced. Car key fob repairs can end up costing just as much or even more than a replacement. If your car key fob is glitching, replacing it may be the safest option since you never want to risk getting stranded. 


What Should I Do If I Get Locked Out?

If your car key fob is no longer functioning and you get locked out of your car, it’s vital that you remain calm and call an automotive locksmith near you like Real Time Locksmith. Our professional locksmiths respond quickly and will get you back into your car in little to no time. We can also replace your key fob and give you a spare so you won’t have to worry about getting locked out again. 


Be Prepared For Car Key Fob Issues

Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your key fob, it’s probable that it will have issues at one point or another. Luckily, most car key fob issues are not serious—most of the time you’ll just need to replace the battery. However, on the off chance that there’s a more serious issue with your key fob, the smartest option is to always call a trustworthy car locksmith. By attempting to figure out the issue and repair the key fob yourself, you may only end up damaging your key fob and have to purchase a new one. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for any issues, is to have an extra key fob available to you. Look into buying key fob batteries or a second key fob today.

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