Automotive Locksmith in Palo Alto

Have you ever experienced a car lock or car key related issue that prevented you from getting into or starting your car? If you have, you probably had to call a local locksmith to help you get out of an unfortunate situation. If you need a fast responding automotive locksmith in Palo Alto, you’re in luck because Real Time Locksmith is here for you. We serve the entirety of the Silicon Valley as well. At Real Time Locksmith, our highly trained professionals can take care of all of your car needs. There are many reasons that you would need to hire an automotive locksmith near you and we can save you lots of trouble by finding solutions to your lock-related issues. We provide various automotive locksmith services which include:


Emergency Car Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your car can cause you to feel panicked and stressed out about what you should do. Your initial thought may be to hire the first locksmith you come across on Google. However, there’s no reason to make rash decisions that may end up costing you a lot of money if you get into an emergency situation. Before acting, take a deep breath and clear your head. Give us a call and we’ll send one of our locksmiths in Palo Alto over to you. We’re happy to provide you with backup keys so you can avoid getting into similar frustrating circumstances in the future.  


Broken Key Extraction

Inevitably after using your car keys for a while, they tend to become worn down. Often, when worn out, bent, or fragile keys are inserted into your vehicle they can break into multiple pieces. This can cause you countless issues from not being able to start your car, locking you out of the doors or trunk, or keeping you from locking your car. Call Real Time Locksmith and we can extract your broken car key. After removing the shattered key, we’ll check to see if the key has caused any damage to the lock and repair or replace the lock on site. 


Ignition Repair and Replacement

Is your car refusing to start? If it is, you may have a faulty ignition switch. Faulty ignition switches can be caused by multiple incidents such as getting in an accident, breaking a key in the ignition, a car break in, or simply through wear and tear. If you have a faulty ignition switch, we can send one of our automotive locksmiths in Palo Alto over to diagnose and resolve your ignition issues by either repairing or replacing your ignition switch. 


Car Key Replacement 

Have you ever misplaced your car keys when you needed to be somewhere? For most people it’s common to forget their car keys every once in a while. When this occurs people are desperate to find a solution quickly and often end up getting a ride or ubering to wherever they need to be. In the event that you lose your car keys, it’s better to get them replaced sooner rather than later, so you might as well take care of the problem right away. At Real Time Locksmith, we can save you time by cutting a new key for you right on the spot! We specialize in all types of car key replacement for every different model and make of cars. We’ve got you covered no matter what type of car key you need, whether you need to replace a key fob, a traditional metal key, or a transponder key. Even if it’s not an emergency and you just want to replace a worn out key, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can replace your old car keys. 


Car Lock Replacement

Sometimes if you break your car key in the car lock, your car lock may end up getting damaged as well and may need to get replaced. But other times the key isn’t the source of the issue; you may need to replace your car lock because your lock barrel could be damaged. This can happen if you have recently gotten into a car accident or if someone has tried to break into your car. We can make sure that your car locks are in good working condition and if they’re not we can easily replace them.

Call Real Time Locksmith today if you’re locked out of your car or have any lock-related issues. Need an automotive locksmith in Palo Alto? You never have to find a solution alone when you have us to diagnose and fix your lock issues for you!

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