Car Door Lock Repair: Find the Solution for Your Car Door Lock

If one of your car door locks isn’t working, you should first analyze the problem before trying to repair it. It’s possible that the issue is with the key and not the door lock. If the door lock isn’t functioning, the fault might be with the motor, the physical assembly, or the door lock cylinder. If you’re not comfortable with diagnosing the issue yourself or want to get it resolved as quickly as possible, don’t hesitate to call an automobile locksmith near you. Otherwise, you can take a look at your car and then come up with an appropriate solution. 


Testing Your Keys

The best way to determine whether you need a new car key or door lock repair is to test out two different keys in the lock. If one of the keys works and the other doesn’t, the problem lies with your key. If you only have one key, you can test it out in your other car door locks and in the ignition. If the key doesn’t work in any of the locks, the problem is most likely with the key rather than with all of your door locks and ignition cylinder. If you’ve determined that your key is broken, you have several options for car key replacement. We advise calling an automobile locksmith for the highest quality duplicates. If your key is working in all of the other locks except for the one, then the issue is probably with your door lock and you can proceed with the steps below. 


Testing Your Locks

Once you have determined that the issue is with your lock and not your key, the next step is to lock and unlock your car in as many possible ways as you can. Use your key, interior buttons, and key fob to unlock and lock your door. This will help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. What happens when you unlock and lock your car? Do the interior buttons move? Pay close attention to the details. When something doesn’t turn, lower, or raise, it is usually because it is blocked. If a cylinder can turn or buttons move freely, something may be disconnected.


Car Door Lock Repair Service Options

After inspecting your keys and locks, you can get your broken car door lock repaired. Now’s the time to decide who you want to provide you with a car door lock repair service. Choose the car door lock repair service that best fits your budget and needs.



DIY car door lock repairs can save you a lot of money, but take a lot of time and effort. You’ll also need a bit of background mechanical knowledge and special tools for disassembly. We don’t encourage trying a DIY method since the work may not be done correctly and even if it is, you may not correctly diagnose the issue in the first place. Without an expert to give you professional insight, you could cause a lot more damage to your vehicle and have to pay significant repair costs.



The dealership is going to be the most expensive option for door lock repairs, like with many other automotive services. But, this service might actually be covered by your warranty. Another disadvantage of having your door lock serviced at a dealership is that you’ll have to schedule an appointment up to weeks in advance and get your car to their location, which will be impossible if your broken door lock has resulted in a car lockout


Auto Mechanic 

While a mechanic doesn’t focus on locks and keys, they have plenty of experience working with cars and will be able to resolve different types of door lock repair. Additionally, they will have access to replacement parts. Their services will likely cost less than a dealership’s but will offer the same level of convenience. However, if you’re experiencing a car lockout and can’t drive, you’re going to need to call an automobile locksmith.


Automotive Locksmith

An automobile locksmith offers everything that an auto mechanic does with the additional benefit of servicing you at your location. For instance, if your car door lock isn’t working and has resulted in a car lockout, a locksmith can come to your location! Parts may need to be purchased in advance, but in some cases, the service can be done immediately. Automotive locksmith services are also cheaper than all of the above options (with the exception of DIY)! 

When you’re in need of car door lock repair, hiring a professional is highly recommended. If you’re looking for a reputable automobile locksmith around the San Jose area, give Real Time Locksmith a call!

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