Commercial Locksmith near me in Campbell

Commercial Locksmith near me in Campbell
Call a professional commercial locksmith in Campbell, CA.

Imagine you looking for a business to invest in, only to realize that they have regular security breaches, and as a result, lose important information and cash.

Residential Hi-security Locks
Finding the right locks call for a hi-security lock. Call us for repair and installation in Campbell, CA.

And if you are the owner of the business, you would do anything to make sure your employees, data, and assets are all safe.

So, when you have a commercial building, and you notice someone tried to a break-in, do you dismiss the issue or call in a professional commercial locksmith to help you resolve the matter in the shortest time possible?

What lock and key problems could warrant calling for the services of a commercial locksmith near me in Campbell, CA?

At Real-Time Locksmith, we offer these services, some of which include:

Master key system installation

Are you looking to increase control and convenience in your offices?

Are you tired of carrying keys around your office and spending a lot of time finding the right key for the lock?

If you want a better and easier way to access multiple doors in your offices, then a master key system will get the job done.

When installing a master key system, we dismantle the locks and using a similar key rearrange the pins to an equivalent combination.

This exercise requires skill and technique since you will need to create an exact combination for all the locks.

Whether it is the padlock, cabinet locks, the door lock, or even office doors, provided the cylinders in the lock are of the same model, we can create a master key system out of any of them.

Residential Locksmith near me in Campbell
Hire a professional residential locksmith in Campbell, CA.

Access control solutions

Sometimes, in companies, there are different levels of access given to different employees.

For instance, you will find that only a few selected employees can get to the top floor occupied by the CEO and other higher executives.

So, how do you prevent people from getting to places where access is limited?

You could always tell them, but that would be ineffective, especially if you get new employees.

However, you can get an access control system in the building, which would lock the elevator past a certain level, or even key badges that give access to certain areas.

Installing these systems require a great deal of expertise and knowledge on their operation, a skill that most of our commercial locksmiths have.

For keycards, biometric scans, keypad locks, and more access control features, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Surveillance units

Commercial Locksmith near me in Campbell
Call a professional commercial locksmith in Campbell, CA.

In any commercial setting, surveillance has always proven to be an effective way to monitor the performance of employees and also discourage theft.

While installing these systems requires special skills and tools, you also need to know their operation and proper coding to enjoy their worth.

If you want to install CCTV cameras on your premises, then you will need the services of our professional commercial locksmith near me in Campbell.

Other than installation, we do maintenance and repair of all types of surveillance systems.

Give us a call today and get the best surveillance systems the market has to offer.

Commercial locksmith near me for commercial lockout.

According to safety laws offered to protect employees in any commercial buildings, it is a requirement that there are emergency locks on all emergency exits.

These include the push bars and panic bars that open the doors without using a key.

In the event of a stampede or a fire, the people in the building need to get out with the least obstruction.

So, if you are starting a new office branch or the locks in your office keep getting stuck or failing, then you need to attend to them as soon as possible.

That is where the services of our commercial locksmiths near you come into play.

Residential Lock Change
Are you looking for a new deadbolt lock for your office? Call us for new deadbolt lock installation in Campbell, CA

In Campbell, we have locksmiths all around, so when you call, we will be at your location in no time.

Lock repair and replacement

For offices, retail shops, warehouses, and factories, you must have high-security locks to prevent trespassing.

To maintain the integrity of your locks, you might have to replace or repair them when the need arises.

When a lock breaks or falls apart, due to old age, extreme weather, or rust, you can install new ones.

However, there are some maintenance measures you can take to prevent the locks from breaking.

For instance, when you notice cracks, defaults, and looseness in the lock, you can call in any of our professional commercial locksmiths near me in Campbell, CA for a lock repair service.

We can handle mechanical and digital locks to give you a top-class security experience.

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