Commercial Locksmith Near Me in San Jose

Commercial Locksmith Near Me in San Jose
Commercial deadbolt lock repair and installation services San Jose

Commercial Locksmith Near Me in San Jose.

One of the places that require urgent lock and key solution is the commercial places.

The fact that more than one person is opening and locking up the premises makes it susceptible to damage.

There need for routine maintenance and repair.

Even more, there is a regulation for specific lock grades for business.

You will also need a particular key system that cannot be duplicated or easily-cut.

All these are the reason why having a commercial locksmith near me in San Jose is the way to go.

In case of any eventuality, you have a professional to turn to.

But what are some of the services from a commercial locksmith in San Jose?

Commercail lock repair and installation in San Jose
Install a commercial hi-security lock, bump-proof and anti-drill lock

Most of the services you will get from a mobile locksmith are mostly emergencies. These include;

  • Storefront and office lockouts
  • Padlock removal services
  • Master key system repair and installation
  • CCTV repair and maintenance services
  • Commercial lock change and rekey services
  • Panic bar installation, repair and maintenance services.
  • Commercial lock installation and repair and so much more.

Storefront and office lockouts

Whenever you find yourself locked out of your store or business, you wish for the fastest services.

Mainly, that is to avoid interruptions to your routine.

Otherwise, you might have to call in some experts to help you deal with the locks you have installed.

When it comes to choosing a locksmith for your commercial space, a local one goes a long way to offer quality assurance.

That is why a commercial locksmith near me in San Jose would be the best solution.

At Real Time Locksmith, we have the answer to your storefront and lockout issues.

Pick a commercial lock
Are you locked out of your office, or storefront? Call a commercial locksmith in greater San Jose Are

Padlock removal services

There are times when padlocks wear out, get rusty, get stuck or even have some snow frozen on them.

These are some of the reasons why your lock may be giving you problems.

However, when you face such a problem in your work station, you do not need to bring the whole business to a stop because of the small problem.

However, you can call in a professional commercial locksmith near me in San Jose to help you with the padlock removal services.

Residential Locksmith Near Me in San Jose
Install a new lock in your home. Residential lock installation in San Jose

Master key system repair and installation

Master keys are beneficial when you find yourself working with more than one lock in a day.

For businesses, there are many doors to open, many cabinets to lock, and most importantly, there is the need to speed up things.

Therefore, you lack time to skim through all your keys to get the one opening one door then repeat the whole process when you move to another door.

Instead, you can have a master key system installed in your premises.

The installation involves a little rekeying service, and you can operate normally.

When the locks get older, the key ages even faster.

Therefore, you could need some repair services for your master key systems.

That is where the commercial locksmiths near me in San Jose, come into play.

Lock re-key service in San Jose
Thinking about deadbolt lock replacement, call a professional locksmith in San Jose

CCTV repair and maintenance services

Sometimes, in commercial spaces, it is essential to keep a monitoring unit for the employees for security and safety reasons.

For these, CCTVs are usually the go-to solution.

Their installation is a bit tedious, and their maintenance requires some unique skill set.

If you do not have the expertise, tampering with the cameras would lead to a breakdown in the transmission.

Whenever you are facing such a problem, you must consult with an expert commercial locksmith.

All you need to do is call in for a service and receive the best in town.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me in San Jose
Commercial deadbolt lock repair and installation services San Jose

Commercial lock change and rekey services

One common practice in commercial spaces is that they have locks that are in constant use.

During the day, clients will come and go through the doors, which means the lock keeps opening and locking.

To this effect, you will notice that with time, the locks get loose, some even break due to the banging on the doors.

Friction can also take its toll on the locks, rendering them useless for commercial applications.

Whenever you need a lock change or need some new keys for your old locks, the best thing you can do is call in some professional help.

At Real Time Locksmith, that is what we do for you.

Call us today and request the above services, among others such as panic bar installation, repair, and maintenance services.

We also do commercial lock installation and repair, and so much more.

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