DIY Ignition Switch Replacement

Ignition Switch Replacement
A clear view of the ignition and the steering column of a car. Key stuck in the ON position of the ignition

How to replace an ignition switch yourself.

‌A bad ignition switch means that there will be less voltage flowing to the vital parts of your vehicle, like the engine.

As a result, the car fails to start, consequently a lot of trouble.

Faulty Ignition Switch Replacement
Replacing a bad ignition with stuck keys in the Lock position.

There could be different causes resulting in a broken ignition switch.

Some may be more complicated than others, while others are easy to repair.

For some, like loose connection and worn out switches, with minimal experience, you can quickly resolve them.

However, some more complex ones require the input of a professional automotive locksmith to rectify.

What happens when you face a bad ignition switch, failing starter motor, engine controls, or ignition switch?

What do you do when you cannot reach a locksmith immediately?

We provide a detailed step by step instruction for simple DIY ignition switch replacement.

What are the steps to DIY Ignition Switch Replacement?

‌1. Disconnect the battery

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‌The battery provides power to the car.

And working with a connected vehicle is not only harmful to the car, but also you.

You could get electrocuted when handling the DC voltage output by the battery to the engine control system.

Therefore, before you start working on the ignition switch, remove the negative terminal of the cell.

Be careful where you connect it to avoid shorting or draining the battery.

‌2. Remove the steering wheel

‌usually, you start by removing the trim around the steering wheel to access the ignition switch.

You remove it by unclasping from the dashboard and removing any screws, if any.

If you can easily reach it without removing the steering wheel, then you can proceed.

However, if you are having a hard time accessing the ignition switch with the steering in place, get it out of the way carefully, taking note of how each screw fits into place.

Also, note the position and fixation of the steering wheel to avoid control problems in the future.

‌3. Removing the ignition switch

Stuck key in the ignition
Stuck key in the ignition retrieval. The key stuck in the ACC position and won’t start.

‌when it is time to remove the ignition switch, you can do so by unclipping the clasps holding the ignition switch in place.

Once you remove the switch, then you insert the key and set the lock to the accessory position.

After that, you can use a screwdriver, usually a thin one, to remove the lock.

You can do so by locating a tiny hole along the length of the ignition lock, which you press to release the switch.

It is essential to take care when removing the pin to avoid breaking a piece of your screwdriver in the hole.

Then, slide it out of the lock slowly.

‌4. Get a new ignition switch

Broken key extraction in San Jose
How to remove broken keys in the ignition. Using the right tools and equipment to extract and remove a broken key

The type of keys you want to use in the future highly determines what you will do next.

For instance, if you’re going to keep the same keys, you can have the ignition lock cylinder re-keyed.

However, if the switch is beyond repair, or need a new one to work for your car, you can buy a new one.

If you need to repair the ignition switch, replace a few worn out parts or pins.

Also. If you need to get a new switch, because the one you have is severely damaged, you can also contact us.

‌5. Fitting the new ignition switch

Once you have the working switch, the process of reinstallation is the reverse of the removal process.

Start by sliding in the switch into place carefully to avoid damaging any of the parts.

This is until you hear it clip into place.

Ignition Switch Replacement
A clear view of the ignition and the steering column of a car. Key stuck in the ON position of the ignition

Then, clip the clasps to hold it in place.

After that, you can then install the steering wheel, screw back the covers covering the steering wheel.

Once everything is in place as it was, you can then connect the battery and try starting your car.

You must be keen when putting back the components to avoid opening and closing the ignition switch multiple times.

Why Replace your Ignition switch?

When you settle on replacing your ignition switch, you often overlook the services of a professional locksmith.

Many reasons could prompt you to go DIY.

For example, if you have the experience dealing with ignition switches, then doing it yourself proves to be the most affordable option.

Also, you could choose to replace your ignition switch if you lack the cash to hire a professional locksmith in San Jose for ignition switch replacement.

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