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Guide to buy the most reliable door lock for your home or office.

Even been at work and wondered how your home is doing?

Well, sometimes, there is reason to worry, and sometimes, not so much.

Say, you have one of the most secure locks in the market on your doors; then, you start worrying less and working more.

However, if you have one of the simple locks on your door, even when locked, you will find yourself worrying about your home.

When you feel the need to upgrade your security system, locks can be an excellent place to start.

You can always change from one level to the next, provided your home has the right doors, and that they are compatible with the higher security.

Commercail lock repair and installation in San Jose
Install a commercial hi-security lock, bump-proof and anti-drill lock

To understand door locks better, here are some pointers for when you go to buy a door lock.

Types of door locks

Door locks come in many forms and shapes.

From the simple doorknob locks to the complex biometric locks, door locks are available in any level of security required.

The simplest in the rank is the knob locks.

These have a lock on one or both sides.

Then, they have levers or knobs for opening the locks, whether from the inside or the outside.

Then, there are the deadbolt locks.

Door Lock Services in San Jose
Commercial deadbolt lock repair and installation services San Jose

These have a latch that fits into a space on the wall to close the door.

To open the door, you need a key from the outside, while from the inside, there is a handle to open.

Even more secure locks are the cylinder locks.

They come in single or double cylinders, depending on the level of security required.

At the top of the chain are the keyless locks.

These require you use either a handprint or a retina to open the door.

The higher security locks are standard in commercial spaces where high levels of security are paramount.

How do you choose the perfect door lock?

Whenever you get out to buy a lock for your door, then you need to have an idea of what you aim to get from your door lock.

How secure should the lock be?

Based on the level of security, you can choose a lock that needs a key, is keyless, is bump and pickproof.

With some of the cylinder and deadbolt locks, you can get these features.

Then, consider the type of door on which you plan to install the bolts.

For instance, wooden doors only have a limited range of compatible locks.

Some locks will need steel doors to implement the overall purpose of offering security.

Also, when choosing your door lock, you can check on the locking mechanisms they utilize.

Locks with pins and tumblers are easy to pick, making them less secure.

Doorknob installation and repair
Install a new lock in your home. Residential lock installation in San Jose

However, when you get a key with a brass plate, and no pins, then you stand to be more reliable.

Different levels of security for door locks.

Different locks offer different levels of protection to their owners.

These grades are assigned based on the maximum weight the locks can withstand, the type of opening mechanism, and whether the key must be present for opening or not.

The simplest of the locks is the third grade of lock has the most inferior properties.

They withstand less weight, meaning that you can easily bump them.

Also, they are easy to pick since they have pins and tumblers. Examples include padlocks.

Then, there are the second-grade locks that can withstand more force than grade three, but less compared to degree one locks.

For both grades one and two, a key must be on the knob for you to open.


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Repair and replacement of door locks.

How to pick a lock
Are you locked out of the house? Call a locksmith for expert lock picking services.

Sometimes, your door locks become loose, and it’s time to repair or replace them.

When you do so, you could either go for a similar lock choice or upgrade your security system. Say, for instance, you have a padlock on your door.

Once you notice some attempt to pick the lock, you can either buy a new padlock or get a deadbolt lock that offers more resistance to picking.

However, if you find yourself torn between options, then you can always consult with an expert on the choices that suit your door.

Once you find your perfect lock, you can then choose it to install them yourself or hire professional services for good, quality, and warranted installations in your home, office, warehouse, or car.

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