Garage Door Lock Replacement Near Me

Whether your garage door lock is damaged or you simply want to upgrade the lock, you’ll want to consider hiring a locksmith for garage door lock replacement services. Fortunately, if you live in the San Jose area and are looking for a “locksmith near me” for a garage door lock replacement, you can reach out to Real Time Locksmith! Of course, you’re more than welcome to replace your garage door lock on your own, but it’s always best to clarify what type of lock you have before removing and replacing it.


Types of Garage Door Locks

Before replacing your garage door lock, you must first identify what type of lock you have, so you know how to replace it and which lock to buy. We’ll go through several of the most common garage door locks below. 



A T-handle garage door lock, as the name suggests, is shaped like a “T” and features a keyed cylinder in the center. On the inside of the garage door, there will be a second T-handle or lever with tensioned cables that are attached to latches on either side of the door.


To replace your T-handle garage lock, you will need to have access to the inside of your garage. If you have been locked out of your garage, you will need to get back in before you can replace your lock. Don’t hesitate to contact a residential locksmith near you. Once you’ve gotten back inside you can start the process.


Using a Philips screwdriver, loosen and remove the set screws from the inside of the garage door. If there is a faceplate over the lock area, you will need to remove it first. Next, remove the set screws on the outside of the T-handle lock. You should now be able to slide the T-handle out and remove it. When replacing the lock, you will need two people to hold the handle together on both sides and fasten it.


Rim Lock

Rim locks contain a lock cylinder that is visible on the outside of the garage door and a lock body that can be seen from the inside. To replace a rim lock, you will need to locate the set screws which are found on the hardware inside the garage. Fortunately, you might only need to replace the door lock cylinder. In these cases, you can keep your rim latch lock body and replace the lock cylinder with one that will fit the current rim latch. This way, you can avoid drilling new set holes. You also have the option of switching out the rim lock hardware for a T-handle garage door lock, which is beneficial if you don’t have a garage door handle.



Padlocks are commonly used to lock garage doors at the bottom or on the side. Replacing a padlock is pretty straightforward; simply remove the old padlock and replace it with a new one. If your padlock won’t open, you will need bolt cutters or, if you have a high-security padlock, an angle grinder to cut through the shackle. If you have these tools but keep them in your garage and can’t access them, you can head over to a local hardware store and buy new tools or find a reputable “locksmith near me” for assistance. 


When to Replace Your Garage Door Locks

Most homeowners choose to replace their garage door locks when they need to change access, replace broken locks, or want to upgrade their security. 


Changing Access

When you move into a new home, it’s always best to change all of your locks, including the garage door lock. For all you know, the previous owner could have handed out keys to their friends, family members, and neighbors! If there is any chance that someone has access to your home or garage door, you need to revoke their access. Unless the lock is damaged, you may be able to rekey the locks instead of replacing them entirely. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that you can’t rekey every type of garage lock. For example, rim locks and padlocks can both be rekeyed, but T-handle locks cannot. Because the core cannot be removed and reinstalled, you must replace any T-handle locks.


Damaged Locks

A garage door lock that is damaged might operate partially or not at all. However, before assuming that you have a broken garage door lock, you should first determine if the issue is with the garage door or tracks. Another possibility is that the lock assembly is malfunctioning, implying that the hardware isn’t the only problem. You won’t know whether you need to repair the garage door lock or garage door if you can’t detect what the problems are. We advise you to contact a “locksmith near me” to inspect your garage door lock and identify what the problem is.


Upgrading Security

Are you storing valuables in your garage that you want to protect? The more expensive your possessions are, the more you’ll want to consider security. Remember that a weak lock can compromise the security of your garage. While there are countless measures you can take to strengthen your garage’s security, the first and most important step is to install a high-security lock. Make sure that you buy a garage replacement lock that uses hardened steel to resist drill and bolt cutter attacks.


Call Real Time Locksmith for Garage Door Lock Replacement Services

Have you tried looking up “locksmith near me for garage door lock replacement” but are overwhelmed by the endless results? If you’re looking for garage door lock replacement services around the San Jose area, we’ll save you the trouble! Real Time Locksmith is a reputable locksmith company that has over a decade of experience working on and resolving lock-related issues from residential to commercial locks. If anyone can figure out what is wrong with your garage door locks, it’s us. Give us a call today to get your garage door lock repaired, rekeyed, or replaced!

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