Guide to Motorcycle Emergency Locksmith Services

Riding a motorcycle is a freeing feeling and is one of the many reasons bikers love owning motorbikes. However, when you get into stressful situations like losing the key to your motorcycle and experiencing a motorcycle lockout, that feeling of freedom suddenly evaporates. At Real Time Locksmith, we understand how stressful emergency situations can be. You have somewhere to be, but are uncertain of what to do and who you should call! If you ever get locked out of your motorbike, you should never hesitate to call us and we’ll come to you as quickly as we can. If you lose your motorcycle key, don’t blame yourself because accidents can happen to anyone. We’re here to help you in any lock-related incident. Think of this blog post as your personal guide for taking the proper precautions to prevent emergency situations and if an emergency situation does occur what you should do. Are you looking for an automotive locksmith San Jose? Real Time Locksmith is here for you.


Services Motorcycle Locksmiths Provide

Have you ever wondered what services motorcycle locksmiths provide? Motorcycle locksmiths are a type of automotive locksmith that specialize in locking and unlocking mechanisms for motorcycles. As a biker, it’s never a bad idea to have a locksmith on speed dial. Motorcycle locksmiths have various duties which include:


Gas Cap Removal and Replacement

A motorcycle locksmith can repair a faulty gas cap or replace it. A faulty gas cap can be caused by two different issues; an issue with the key or the lock. Hire a professional to determine the issue and come up with a proper solution. 


Ignition Switch Repair and Replacement

A faulty ignition switch can prevent your motorcycle from starting. A locksmith can diagnose the problem and fix or replace the ignition switch depending on the level of damage. If you realize that the ignition switch is faulty on your bike, always call a professional.  


Key Replacement

If you lose or break your motorcycle key a locksmith can make a new one for you! They can make you a new key by making an impression of the lock. First, they insert a blank key with some ink on it, and then turn and remove the key from the lock. The blank key will have the markings that will allow the locksmith to make a new key.

Other services motorcycle locksmiths provide:

  • Key programming services
  • Key fob replacement
  • Key extraction
  • Key duplication
  • And more!


How to Prevent Lockout Emergencies

Unfortunately, it’s common for riders to forget or lose their keys all the time, which stops them from getting where they need to go.  Motorcycle lockouts are scary. That’s why you should take precautions to help prevent these occurrences.  We recommend that you have a spare key made and carry it on you (or put it in an easily accessible place). However, saying you’ll get a spare key and actually doing it is two different things. Sometimes we postpone vital tasks until the last minute and end up getting into nerve-racking situations anyways. Luckily, Real Time Locksmith is a professional locksmith company in San Jose who can help you out with your motorbike needs. 


How to Prevent Motorbike Theft

Every year thousands of motorbike owners fall victim to theft, with the state of California taking the lead for the highest number of stolen motorcycles. Here are a few tips for preventing theft: 

  • Use brightly colored locking devices to lock your motorbike up, chances are a thief won’t even go near your bike in fear of getting caught. 
  • For your protection use a motorcycle lock that is made from stainless steel, for example, you can use a U-shackle which locks the wheels.


What to Do if You Lose Your Key

If you lose your key, there isn’t much that you can do if you don’t have a spare. Just take a deep breath and call us. There’s no need to wait for your bike to get towed to the dealership anymore just to get a key replacement when Real Time Locksmith can save the day! We also provide many other motorbike services such as gas cap removals and replacements, ignition switches and repairs, key replacement, and more! If you need an automotive locksmith San Jose get in touch with us. We are a trusted locksmith company who will always respond in a timely and professional fashion.

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