How to become a locksmith in San Jose

locksmith in San Jose
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locksmith in San Jose

Who is a locksmith in San Jose?

A locksmith technician is a serious occupation. To become one requires a lot of training and skills. According to the California Bureau of Security & Investigate Services, any locks expert that operates a business in California has to be licensed. 

Locksmith companies have a tremendous o

car lockout locksmith
Automotive locksmith at work

bligation. They are obliged to repair, open, install, and modify locks. These companies are entrusted with clients properties, and so the company needs to be licensed, insured, and bonded. You will need to learn a lot. Most of the services are handy works, meaning more experience. For a beginner, you will need sessions with an experienced locksmith. You can Get online courses or go to college. Doing it in a college is more advisable since you will get hands-on experience. From there, get an internship in this field, and you will be good to go. When getting your license, you will need to show all these. 

However, this does not end there.  When getting employed or opening up a company, there is so much to look into. I will be looking at some of the things you will have to do to ensure you are good to go. These things include legal considerations, cost, and skills required.

Equipment and tools.

You should know that to become a professional lock expert;

Key cutting
How to become a locksmith in San Jose

you’ll need to invest top dollars to buy professional equipment to be able to do any job. Starting from a car lockout equipment (you may find on Amazon) or a key cutting machine. It going to cost you a lot to become a technician!

Setting Up A Locksmith Company

Opening up a company is not that expensive, but some basic tools should not miss. The cost will also depend on whether you are opening up at your home or opening a more advanced company. A more advanced company may cost from $5000 to $10000. With this, you will get more advanced machines like key decoders, lock bypass tools, automotive lock picking tools, drill jigs, and safe cracking tools and also maybe a car for emergency cases. When opening up at home, you will need simple tools like plug spinners, mechanical and computerized picks, key extractor, tension wrenches, electric pick guns, hammer, router drills, and key cutters.

You will also need to consider other things like the branding of the company, promotion, and marketing. Other than all these, what you will have to look into is the registration of the company.

Applying For A License.

To start running the business, you will need to license your company.

change lock combination
Lock change is the basic of every locksmith

This way, you will save yourself some legal issues. There should be someone who will run the business daily. Everyone involved with the opening of the company will undergo a criminal history background check with the California Department of justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. You should be ready to cater to the charged fees. You will then apply together with the license fee. A copy of quality passport photographs will be submitted along with the application. Other than these, you will need to submit a copy of company live scan form signed by the live scan operator. This will require $32 and $17 fingerprint processing fee for the Department of Justice and the FBI, respectively.

Additional requirements 

There are other minor qualifications required such as the age should be above 18 years, Complete training or apprentice, Passing the certification course and exam. All these go to the company registration. If you wanted to register as an employee at a company, There are also some things you will need to get out of the way such as undergoing the criminal history background check, submitting the application and paying some registration fees and fingerprint processing fees to the DOJ and FBI. There is also some live scan fees paid in their site. It is more or less the same process as registering a locksmith company. Nowadays, every company requires tlicensing as they will have access to clients home. This is to prevent cases such as a client losing some of his or her things. Before getting the license, you will have to show an approved training course as proof. These licenses are to ensure the safe-keeping and well-being of the clients.


After registration and payment of the registration fees, you will be given 120 days temporary registration. With these, you can start running your business immediately.

This is much of all you may need to start your own company. The most important things are skills, capital and safety and well-being of the clients. Keep in mind that to cope with the highly competitive market, you will need some formal training which will give you the certificates required to get hired at any company.

What’s the average cost of becoming a locksmith in San Jose?

To become a licensed locksmith company you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Download the following pamphlet  “Information about Company Licensing”. Download, print and fill this “Request for Live Scan Service” Application
  2. Get two up-to-date passport photographs of you.
  3. Submit the Live Scan Request form, signed up by Live Scan Operator. The form should include the ATI number. You will have to pay $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee, plus $17 FBI fingerprints processing fee. Live Scan fee must be paid for each and every applicant. It doesn’t matter if they are partners only or manager.
  4. If you own a fictitious business name different from your legit Business name. You should write it down and bring a statement from the county.

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