How to Secure Your Apartment

You may think that since you live in a high-rise apartment building, you’ll be safe from burglars. However, despite the fact that there are fewer entry points into apartments (two at most), burglars can easily blend into the background since most people don’t know every one of their neighbors. Because relying on a single front door lock is never enough, you’ll need to secure your apartment with additional protective measures. Unfortunately, apartment security brings a unique set of challenges that homeowners might not face. It’s important that you call a locksmith San Jose who can advise you on how to properly secure your apartment. If you’re looking for a reputable locksmith in the area, Real Time Locksmith has plenty of experience securing apartment buildings and ensuring that they remain secure. 


What Can I Do to Improve My Apartment’s Security?

Examine Your Building’s Lighting

While this is your landlord or property management company’s job, maintenance may not be aware that there are dark spots in the building. If you notice that a few light bulbs have gone out in the hallways, parking lots, stairwells, mailrooms, or other common areas, speak up and let management know that you feel unsafe. 


Upgrade Your Locks

When moving into a new apartment, it’s essential that your landlord or property manager changes or rekeys the locks. You never know how many duplicate keys are out there and if they will fall into the wrong hands. Ask your landlord if he has changed or rekeyed the locks and if he hasn’t, ask him if you can hire a locksmith San Jose to do it. 


Additionally, if you want to improve the security of your apartment, you can install extra locks on your door. Consider installing a chain lock or switching out your current deadbolt for an electronic lock. Feel free to talk to a reputable locksmith San Jose and ask what locks they recommend installing or upgrading to. 


Cover Your Windows

After moving into a new apartment, many renters forget to install window treatments on their windows. Burglars tend to scout out their next target by looking through windows for valuables. The best way to maintain a low profile is to install window treatments and keep them closed at night and whenever you’re not home. Make sure to angle your window coverings so that people can’t see through the small gaps. 


Install Cameras and Alarms

Burglars prefer to prey on easy targets. Just having a security camera or alarm system installed will deter them and they will be forced to move on. Standalone security cameras can be a surprisingly affordable addition to your apartment’s security. Standalone cameras like Nest Cam and Ring doorbell send a direct feed to your smartphone so you can monitor your apartment from anywhere. Most security cameras and smart video doorbells have motion detection, night vision, and two-way talk.  


Before installing a security system or alarm system in your apartment, be sure to ask for permission from your landlord or property management company. You may want to ask a San Jose locksmith for security camera and alarm system recommendations for apartments as well.


Talk to Your Neighbors

Take some time to get to know your neighbors. Neighbors who are friendly with one another are more likely to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior and warn each other about it. Furthermore, if you become acquainted with all of your surrounding neighbors, you’ll be able to detect if someone is lurking where they shouldn’t be. 


Get Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers personal property such as furniture, electronics, possessions, and damages affected by a burglary or disaster. Expect to pay around $20 every month for renters insurance—a worthwhile investment since it protects you and your bank account from unexpected losses. 


Buy a Safe

Even if a burglar successfully breaks into your home, why should they be able to take your valuables? Invest in a home safe to store your jewelry, cash, heirlooms, important documents, and other valuables. A home safe is not only a great deterrent for burglars, but for snooping guests and untrustworthy roommates as well. Talk to your landlord about bolting your safe to the floor or wall for maximum security. If you don’t know which safe to buy or need assistance with installation, reach out to a locksmith San Jose.


Need Help Securing Your Apartment? Real Time Locksmith Can Help!

Whether you just moved into a new apartment or have lived in the same building for years, it’s never too late to secure your apartment. And who better to call than a residential locksmith San Jose who specializes in securing homes and apartments! With Real Time Locksmith’s help, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your apartment will be protected from burglars. Depending on your situation, we may recommend upgrading your locks, installing a security camera and alarm system, or buying a home safe. Reach out to us today to get all your questions answered!

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