Key Duplication Concerns: Accuracy and Security in Key Copying

Key duplication is one of the many services provided by Real Time Locksmith. Our key duplication service offers convenience and accessibility to individuals who need additional copies of their house, office, or car keys right away.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why duplicating keys and the importance of key duplication helps with the security of your property. The key duplicating experts at Real Time Locksmith are here to explain the entire process and help address any concerns you may have regarding the benefits, accuracy, and security of key copying.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Key Duplication

Several circumstances can happen to your house or car door locks and keys, and that is why you’ll need our key duplication services to help prevent a lockout. Whether you’re dealing with worn or broken keys or you need several keys for different people and different access points within your home or office, here are the top reasons you may need a duplicate key.

The Original Key Is Worn or Broken

Key Duplication Concerns1Over time, keys can become worn or damaged due to regular use, resulting in difficulty inserting or turning the key in the door lock. When you make duplicate keys, you’re creating more durable and fresh copies of your worn or broken keys, ensuring smooth and reliable lock operation without the need for costly replacements.

Frequent key use leads to wear and tear, leading to gradual deterioration of the teeth and edges of the original keys. A worn or broken key may not fit properly into the lock, and there is a considerable risk of the key getting stuck in the lock and even breaking off inside the lock mechanism.

Key duplication offers a practical solution to this issue. It allows individuals to create new keys with precise cuts and dimensions that match the original, restoring the lock’s functionality and reliability.

Lock Is Worn or Broken

In addition to original key wear and tear, locks can deteriorate and break over time due to age, weather exposure, and mechanical wear. A worn or malfunctioning house or car lock may pose emergency security risks and inconvenience homeowners, especially if they are locked outside their home, office, or car in bad weather or in the middle of the night.

When our expert locksmith team makes a key copy, it enables individuals to create spare keys for their existing locks, providing a backup solution in case of lock failure and ensuring continued access control to their property.

It Gives Family Members Easy Home Access

Our locksmiths believe in putting the care of loved ones first. Key duplication plays a crucial role in the safety and security of households with multiple occupants, providing each family member with their own set of keys for convenient access to the home.

Whether it’s parents, children, or roommates, having duplicate keys allows only authorized individuals to come and go as needed without relying on a single set of keys. This promotes flexibility and addresses any security concerns within the household, reducing the likelihood of emergency lockouts.

It is also possible that someone in the household may forget their keys and need to be let in. Having a spare set of keys is a great way to prevent this.

If You Accidentally Locked Yourself Out

It happens. You’re in a hurry or running late, and you forget your key inside after you’ve pulled the door shut and it locks. This is one of those circumstances where a duplicate key makes life easier. Doors that automatically lock behind you can leave you stranded and late for your pressing appointments.

A readily available spare key allows quick and hassle-free resolution of lockout situations, minimizing stress and inconvenience. Whether kept with a trusted neighbor or family member or stored in a secure location in and around the home, spare keys provide peace of mind, knowing you can regain access swiftly in emergencies.

It Can Ensure Seamless Car Sharing

For households or organizations that share a car among multiple drivers, key duplication is essential for ensuring that your car-sharing abilities drive on without a hitch. Each driver can have their very own key fob, eliminating the task of passing around a single key every time someone needs to use the vehicle.

Our locksmith services offer key-cutting to create duplicate keys, promoting efficiency and flexibility in coordinating transportation arrangements while minimizing the risk of misplaced or lost keys.

What Happens if My Keys Say “Do Not Duplicate” – Can I Still Duplicate Keys?

Key Duplication ConcernsOne of the first steps in the key duplication process is for the locksmith to examine the key and find a blank that matches it. Keys with a label stating “Do Not Duplicate” or similar warnings are restricted keys, and duplicating them with a key blank may present challenges. A locksmith or a hardware store may refuse to duplicate “restricted keys” without proper authorization.

However, there are instances where key duplication may still be possible, particularly if the spare key is for personal use and authorization can be provided by the property owner or authorized representative.

As always, we recommend you talk to our key duplication experts to determine if you have the authority to duplicate specific keys. Check the label on your key to ensure the style and kind of key can be duplicated.

What Keys Can Be Duplicated?

While most standard keys can be duplicated, certain types of keys may require a specialized process or equipment for precision key duplication.

Common examples of keys that can be duplicated include house keys, padlock keys, car keys (excluding transponder keys), and mailbox keys.

Our professional locksmith team may also offer key duplication services for high-security keys, such as those with intricate designs or more modern electronic components. However, you cannot easily duplicate these keys unless you happen to be the authorized owner of the keys, business, or residential property.

Our Locksmiths Offer Quick, Affordable, and Professional Key Duplication Services

At Real Time Locksmith, we understand the importance of precision and security in key duplication, so we strive to deliver quick, affordable, and professional key duplication services to our customers.

Our professional locksmith team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to make the very best key duplicates that will not break easily when subjected to excessive use.

With seamless key replication, our locksmith services help homeowners maintain the integrity and reliability of their locks while protecting their homes, offices, cars, belongings, and loved ones.


Key duplication offers numerous benefits in terms of convenience, accessibility, and security, allowing individuals to maintain access control over their properties and vehicles. Whether our locksmiths are replacing worn keys, ensuring backup access in emergencies, or facilitating seamless sharing of keys among family members or colleagues, key duplication is a practical solution to several key-related concerns.

By entrusting your key duplication needs to the very best local locksmith service, Real Time Locksmiths, you can rest assured knowing that your keys will be accurately duplicated with the utmost care, precision, and professionalism. Contact our locksmiths today for high-quality key duplicating services and other lock and key-related issues.

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