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Fitting lock for your doors is still a hard task. Comparing the quality, brand, features, and other else needs to be done. As a result, it can help you to pick the better and quality one for your lock needs.

When it comes to buying the locks for our home, we only take a look at the two most dominant brands of all- Kwikset and Schlage. Have you heard of these brands? Well, if you don’t, this is the perfect time for you to get familiar with it.

These brands are not the only brands that you can choose from. There are still other brands around the world that you can choose, especially when these brands are not available in your place.

These brands only make up 95 percent of the most used and trusted residential locks. It can be found at any hardware store or at home depot near you. Just make that the product you purchase is not an imitation of the original one to avoid wasting time and money on something useless.

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Another thing, these locks are specialized by locksmiths who are the professionals regarding locks and other related services. They are the people whom we can ask for help whenever we face any problem involving our locks.

They provide services made to repair, replace, or improve the condition of every lock that they make an encounter with. One of the most trusted and popular locksmiths across the world that you can be referred to is our team- the Real-Time Locksmith in San Jose, CA.

Our team continuously provides our customers with excellence and quality through the years of our journey.

In view of this, the article aims to provide you with things that you need to know about Kwikset and Schlage. Any question raised will be given answers to satisfy the queries of the people. Aside from that, this will compare the two regarding what is more reliable and has the quality.

So, let us now start with little backgrounds about these lock brands.

A Little background about Kwikset and Schlage

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Before doing any digging upon the comparison of the two, it is important for us to familiarize ourselves with these brands- the Kwikset and Schlage. These two competitive brands have their own company that provides even more services such as

  • Keypads
  • Deadbolts
  • Residential doorknobs
  • Padlocks
  • Drawer locks
  • High-Security locks
  • Digital pads
  • App supported locks
  • And many other different types of locks

Moreover, Kwikset is a brand of lock that promotes a light commercial usage of it. On the other hand, Schlage is the opposite of Kwikset. If Kwikset promotes a lightweight usage, the Schlage prefers high-security heavy-duty and a vast line of locks.

However, these two may have differences from each other yet they both aim to provide a safer and secure home to anybody.

Aside from that, there are also the specific comparative study and result between the Kwikset and Schlage.

These are the inclusions in each lockset that everyone must be aware of. By knowing this, you can easily spot the right lock for your home. You can easily identify the things needed if you are planning to change the knob.


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Schlage deadbolt in San Jose

Do you have any idea about what a deadbolt is? Well, you will, now.

What is a deadbolt?

Deadbolt, or also called the deadlock, refers to the locking mechanism that is distinct from the classic spring bolt lock. That is due to the deadbolt cannot make any move towards the open position except through the rotating key.

Additionally, deadbolts make our home feel safe. With this kind of locking mechanism, potential suspects can never enter the house. It can save the house from any inhumane acts or even at any of the days.

In terms of the deadbolt of these two products, both have the qualities, as well as the reliability, for it to be trusted once again by the customers. Yet only one shines the most concerning its deadbolt. Some may think that deadbolt is not that important because it only includes a set of lock which is not true.

A deadbolt is a lock mechanism that already saved lots of families from any crime or immoral act.

Now, to compare the deadbolt of these two brands, the result says that both of them got excellent quality. The deadbolts are made with metal and are appropriately molded. There are also colors that you can choose from such as gold and silver. The deadbolts are made with passion and quality that reflects not only its appearance but also in its function once sued.

Non-forced vs. Forced Entry

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Kwikset deadbolt service in San Jose

Burglars are people that can enter your house once they got an interest in it. Now, you will be encountering the two types of how any burglar can break into your house: the non-forced and forced entry.

Having awareness about this thing is essential, especially nowadays, wherein crime can happen anywhere. This can help you to be prepared and mindful of what to do once a burglar break into your house.

This can also help you to identify the type of lock that you will need to prevent them from getting into your house. You can be more prepared when choosing the lock for your doors and windows that will provide warranty for a strong lock, being unable to be entered by burglars.

Non-Forced Entry

The non-forced entry refers to the way used by an intruder to get inside a house through the manipulation of locks and disabling using a non-forced way. It can be through using tools or drilling the lock carefully. Any burglar that will use a non-forced entry must be excellent enough to leave no traces or signs.

Forced- Entry

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The next one is what we call the forced entry. This forced entry means that any burglar or intruder tried to enter the house in a forced way. It can be done using tools, drilling the lock or other forced ways that can bring harm or damage to the properties. This kind of entry is mostly done in a quicker time for burglars are avoiding to get caught in the act.

Lock Housing

It refers to the metal that surrounds the lock cylinder. Most of the burglars get inside the house by drilling the locks and engaging with the interior’s mechanism directly. This way maybe messy and loud, yet it is the quickest way for the burglars to get anything or to rob the house.

The time that can be used to drill the lock will depend on how sturdy and strong a house is. Interior mechanisms of the lock can be hard to be drilled if and only it is sturdy and strong enough. Given this, you can always choose from the two – the Schlage and Kwikset which are brands with warranty that made sturdily and strongly. The deadbolts of Schlage are thick and made for solid lock housing.

It protects the cylinder than leaves not hollow area to defeat the security of the house. On the other hand, the Kwikset deadbolt is made way much lighter than the Schlage. Kwikset locks are hollow and can be drilled easily by the burglars. This only indicates that the Schlage already has one point and that is through its sturdiness as a house lock.

Size of the Bolt

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The bolt is a part of the lock that prevents the door from opening once locked and therefore plays a big role in the security of the door. The bolt holds the door from opening though it can be kicked or picked with a crowbar, and other forced ways of breaking into the house. Thus, having a stronger and firm bolt will strengthen the security of the door from any burglar or intruder. When it is longer, burglars or intruders can find it hard to open the door even with a forced entry.

In the two brands- the Schlage and Kwikset, which one does boast a stronger bolt?

Well, to compare the two, looking at the size of the bolt is the most practical and effective way. In Schlage, its bolt is way heavier, bigger, and better than the Kwikset. The size of a Schlage’s bolt is better and indicates a stronger hold onto the door.

Drill Resistant Plate

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The drill resistant plate refers to the steel-made thin plate of metal that is located at the lock’s front. The purpose of this plate is to protect the screws as it holds the lock together and making it impossible to drill it. Though there are several ways on how to remove the plate effectively, it still males the lock hard to be compromised.

In Schlage, the housing’s deadbolt is a drill resistant. Exposure of the screws is even impossible, as well as there is an excellent guarding of the cylinder itself. This makes the Schlage lock hard to be drilled. On the other side, the Kwikset is not a drill resistant. This lock does not have a drill resistant plate that makes any drilling process impossible. Therefore, it is easy to be drilled through the exposed cylinder and

 Size of the Screw

Schlage lock app
Schlage lock supported by App

Another essential feature of these two locks that must be discussed and compared is the size of its screws. Screws are important as it plays a vital role in the whole functionality of the lock. Screws help in holding the lock together and therefore increases the security level of the house.

As mentioned previously, intruders can easily break in once they drilled the screws out. Once it is done, the lock can easily fall off the door. This can then give the intruders a chance to break in and do their desired crime such as robbery. That is why choosing the best and the quality lock is a must. You can do this by checking the size of the screws.

In Schlage, it is already mentioned that it is a lock with a drill resistant plate. This means that it is hard to get drilled by anybody. Its screws are made bigger and stronger than anything else.

However, it will always depend on the intruder whether they will continue to break into the house despite the hardship of drilling the lock or not. In Kwikset, on the other hand, it is way easier to be drilled and removed. Thus, it is recommended to use the Schlage lock for a sturdy and reliable lock of the house.

Security Pins

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Another important thing to be considered when choosing a lock is its security pins. These pins are the special type that is inserted into the lock’s cylinder. This makes the lock hard to get picked.

The rule of the safety pins is simple. The more used security pins for a lock, the harder it can be to be drilled and removed by an intruder. On the other side, Kwikset is the lock that only has 2 security pins which decrease its capability to secure a house. Intruders can easily pick a Kwikset lock compared to the Schlage.


Purchasing a lock only requires you the money and cost of it. Schlage locks are made of sturdy and stronger materials that help it to promise customers with greater and effective security. Compared to the Kwikset, this kind of lock is made of light materials only and so on provides a lesser level of security to the house.

For the price, a Schlage lock costs $30 while the Kwikset is only around $14.

Kwikset is only half of the Schlage’s price yet it will always depend on the people that’ll use the door lock. It will always depend on you whether you are going to choose the quality over the affordability of it.

Conclusion | Lock & Key in San Jose

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Through all of the provided characteristics and other matters concerning both Schlage and Kwikset, it is no doubt that Schlage is the better choice. It can be extracted and concluded in each section that Schlage wins over Kwikset.

But, above all, these two both aim to provide security to your home. It both aim to provide you with a better and safer living. It only differed in the quality and limits when securing your home. Choosing between the two is truly a hard choice yet it will always depend on you as the house owner.

Moreover, if you are having trouble to choose, you can easily contact us to guide you in your shopping. We can drop by your place and check whether the door lock suits a Schlage or a Kwikset.

Our contact lines are always active, that is why you can give us a call anytime or anywhere. With our team, you are relaxed and provided with peace of mind knowing that your door locks are being repaired and checked by professional locksmiths using either a Schlage or a Kwikset.

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