Lock Change vs Lock Re-key

Commercial Hi-security locks
Residential hi-grade lock. Use an anti-drill and bump proof lock for your home.

Deciding between a lock re-key or lock change.

When it comes down to choosing between replacing or changing your locks, there are many factors you can attribute it to.

For instance, you need to consider your main goal and the budget you are working with.

Residential Lock Change
A new lock installed on a wooden door. Our technician fits a new doorknob lock for a home

Replacing your locks involves complete removal and new installation of a new lock on your door.

Rekeying, on the other hand, requires a professional locksmith opening your lock, rearranging a few springs while changing the pins for new ones.

Sometimes they change the tumbler too.

When rekeying, you end up with an old lock with a unique lock configuration, which means you will need a key to open it.

Why do you need to rekey or replace your lock?

Re-key a deadbolt lock
Change the lock tumbler and align the lock pins to re-key your lock.

Many reasons could prompt a lock change or rekey.

When most locks deal with the security of your home, you could also do it as an upgrade when doing a facelift of your home.

Other reasons could be to keep away intruders in your new home, to regain key control, and most importantly, to improve the security of your home.

You could also choose to rekey or change your locks to keep angry spouses away from you.

If you need to boost your safety after a break-in, a recent increase in crime in your area, or for peace of mind reasons, then you can change your locks or rekey them.

Why choose to rekey your locks?

Chip key cutting San Jose
Cut a new key for your car. Having a worn-out, damaged or old key? Call a San Jose locksmith.

Rekeying would be more preferred over lock changing if you are working on a tight budget.

If you do not have the cash to buy a new lock, yet you need a new key for your home for security reasons, then rekeying is the way to go.

When you rekey your locks, you not only get a new key but also get to have improved security around your home.

Rekeying saves you a lot of money since you only buy a few pins and tumblers for the replacement and reconfiguration.

However, you will need to hire professional locksmith services for an excellent re-key service.

When you are dealing with many locks of the same kind, each having a different unique key, it becomes hard and tiresome to carry all the keys around.

Also, you end up wasting a lot of time looking for the right key for the door.

But the good news is that you can avoid all this trouble by rekeying your locks to work with a master key.

When does lock replacement become the desirable option?

The option to re-key your locks is usually more favorable when you are dealing with a safe but new environment.

However, when things escalate, and you cannot risk putting your business, family, or life in danger, then you need to change the locks.

Lock Re-key service San Jose
A technician holds a residential doorknob lock that has been re-keyed.

Changing the locks will involve the removal of the old locks and installation of a new lock.

Most of the time, homeowners prefer a lock of a similar type as the old one to avoid drilling into the walls again and unique door measurements.

Also, it becomes easier to work with the lock holes on the door.


Will you need a professional to change or rekey your locks?

The door, window, and cabinet or mailbox locks are essential in any setting.

They ensure that you not only uphold your security but also keep you safe from prying eyes.

Commercial Hi-security locks
Residential hi-grade lock. Use an anti-drill and bump proof lock for your home.

As a result, they not only need to be quality but also properly installed to serve their deemed purpose.

One very effective way of ensuring that you have quality services is hiring a professional locksmith for the lock change or replacement.

If you need help choosing the type of lock to upgrade to, how genuine they are, or the overall cost of the entire process, then you need to be working with a locksmith.

However, keep an eye on their charges, discretion, license, insurance and bond, and, most importantly, their warranty policies.

Always get yourself the professional services when it comes to the security of your home.

Invest in the types of services you get and the products you use on your door.

Despite being a little more expensive, they have a higher return, life span, and give you better security compared to ordinary services and locks.

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