Lock Re-key service in San Jose

Lock re-key service in San Jose
Thinking about deadbolt lock replacement, call a professional locksmith in San Jose

Professional commercial and residential lock re-key services.

If you are a home, business, or car owner, then you understand the importance of having fully functional locks on your doors.

However, with time, these locks wear out, and the level of security they offer decreases.

Doorknob installation and repair
Install a new lock in your home. Residential lock installation in San Jose

Consequently, your property becomes exposed to the dangers of break-ins, hijacking, and even vandalism.

With such situations, you need to take action soonest possible.

That is why you can either go for a lock change or a re-key service.

To choose between the two, you need to understand each better.

Here, we will be discussing lock re-key services, the benefits, and the disservice it offers a property owner.

When do you re-key your locks?

To operate a lock, you have to insert a key and turn.

These locks have metallic parts, and since the operation is mechanical, there tends to be friction and vibrations when opening the lock.

As a result, you end up with worn our keys and locks.

Commercial deadbolt lock repair
Commercial deadbolt lock repair and installation services San Jose

This would be a good time to re-key your locks and a new key to maintain high levels of security.

Secondly, when you move into a new home, you have no idea how many people have the key to your door.

To avoid invasions in the future, then you can re-key your locks.

When you move into an insecure neighborhood, or there is news of frequent break-ins in your area, then, these are the times when you re-key your locks.

Finally, if you want to upgrade the security of your property, and you lack the funding to go all the way to replacing your locks, then you can start by re-keying them.

If you operate a commercial space and you need one key for all the doors, i.e., a master key system, then, you call an expert for a re-key service in San Jose.

Why opt for lock re-keying rather than a lock change?

Commercail lock repair and installation in San Jose
Install a commercial hi-security lock, bump-proof and anti-drill lock

The first and most crucial benefit of re-keying your locks is the inexpensive nature of the exercise.

With lock re-key, you can cancel out the cost of buying new locks for your home or office.

That is because when re-keying locks, all the expert does is to replace a few pins and wafers in your locks.

As a result, you get a new unique configuration for your lock, which then requires a new key to operate.

Secondly, you can always go for a re-keying rather than a lock change when you live in a reasonably secure environment.

The point of re-keying would be to get a new key, and not necessarily upgrade your security system.

Finally, if you have a high-level security system, old, but works fine, then you can replace some of the pins and tumblers rather than getting new locks for your doors.

Who is best suited to re-key your locks?

In as much as lock re-keying is not a complicated process, it requires meticulous hands to complete the work successfully.

Commercial deadbolt lock repair
Commercial deadbolt lock repair and installation services San Jose

That is why you don’t go replacing the pins in your lock and expect that you will be safe.

You might need the services of a professional locksmith in San Jose to help with the key replacement.

Once the locksmith comes to your door, they will open the lock, remove it from the door, and remove the old pins.

Then, they replace with new pins and wafers, before carefully fixing the bolt back on the door.

The main reason you go for professional services when re-keying your locks is the original key.

Once the re-key service is complete, the old key becomes obsolete.

That means you need a new key to open and close the door.

That is when the experts come in.

With their tools, they can trace the pin arrangement and determine the type of key you need.

Then, they go ahead and reproduce the key for you.

If you need an extra copy of the new key, they can also duplicate the key and charge you depending on the terms of their services.

When are you advised against re-keying your locks?

Lock re-key service in San Jose
Thinking about deadbolt lock replacement, call a professional locksmith in San Jose

Lock Re-key is a cheap, effective, and fast key replacement technique.

However, it does not always work to the best of the homeowner.

So, when do you choose not to re-key your locks and replace your locks? 

When your locks are already extensively damaged, re-keying does very little to help with that.

Also, if you have rusted locks, jammed or low-security locks, replacing the locks seems like a better logical solution to your safety problems.

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