Locksmith in San Jose DIY tips due to Coronavirus pandemic!

Locksmith Tips for Coronavirus
San Jose | Coronavirus tips by a local locksmith

Dear San Jose resident & business owner. This your local locksmith in San Jose, Real-Time Locksmith, with a message for you!

Due to the horrible situation we are facing now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are here to help you out with tips and DIY locksmith solutions. So if you don’t want to call up for a locksmith service, you would be able to learn skills that will help you out to do it yourself.

Commercial Locksmith Tips during Covid-19.

Keep your business secure | Avoid looting

Businesses that rely on employees ask us about security. Many restaurateurs and bar owners have put their trust in the shift manager and given them the business keys and code to cancel the alarm.

The novel Coronavirus crisis has found many wondering whether to replace the locks and improve security or leave it in place. Because these businesses closed their doors until life returned to normal, it’s a callous decision.

prevent looting san jose
Avoid looting in San Jose

Any business owner realizes that improving security can save their business after the novel Coronavirus crisis.

Our recommendation to our San Jose neighbors

  • Replacing the combination of all locks on the front of the business.
  • Change alarm system codes.
  • Cover the windows with metal panels from the inside.
  • Checking the alarm system, is it working correctly?

Essential businesses that remain open during the crisis

Running a business during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis is hard. You have to take a look at your employees and customers are all safe and sound. Moreover, you want to be sure that your business security accessories are all working and properly functioning.

Protect your staff & customers | Sanitize your doors and locks

The most important thing is to keep high hygiene rules. Place a disinfection wipes near the entrance door. Most of the people wear disposable gloves and N95 mask, but since these products have been sold out on the market and Amazon, some people don’t have it. Disinfect and sanitize of all your hard surfaces will help a lot to prevent contingencies from spreading and protect your staff and customers.

Make sure to clean and disinfect your:

  • Door handles
  • Door frame and windows
  • Panic bar handle
  • Deadbolts and doorknobs
  • Cash drawers

To keep bacteria from spreading, you might consider installing biometric hardware and an automatic door opener. Installing a hands-free device would significantly improve your business safety to Covid 19.

During the novel Coronavirus, should you use Cash??

Cash has always been one of the most infected things. A one-dollar bill can exchange 50 hands in a day!

stop covid 19 cash policy
Due to Covid-19 | Non-cash policy

To avoid these daemons to spread, you should change your shop terms and conditions to the Non-Cash policy. Especially these days, when we can use debit, credit, e-payment apps, and more, we don’t need Cash.

Your business security during the Coronavirus pandemic

A business that is not excepting cash is much more secured than those who agreed to accept bills & coins. But sometimes that’s not enough. We don’t know when or if looting or riot cases will pop-up in our area. People that have nothing to eat due to the situation are capable of performing no logical actions. To save your business and customers, it is always good to install a gun safe in your industry.

Residential locksmith tips!

DIY Kwikset Rekey

Nowadays, you don’t want to have unexpected friends or even family members to come to your house. Maybe before the Coronavirus epidemic, you gave your house keys to a friend so he or she will feel free to come over for a night, but no more. These days, the situation is so delicate, and no one besides your core family, should have access to your property. This is why Real-Time Locksmith in San Jose recommend to you to take action and learn how to rekey your locks by yourself.

The re-key process requires some cheap tools ($10-$25) and simple skills, here are the links:

DIY reakey kit
Re-key your doorknob | DIY Locksmith tips | San Jose

With a Kwikset rekey kit from Amazon, you will have all the necessary tools to rekey any standard Kwikset doorknob.

Any kit you buy should contain the rekey tools, and a bunch of different sizes of pins. (click on the image to enlarge).

Here is a straightforward YouTube video that explains how to use the above kit to rekey your locks.

DIY Schlage Rekey

Here is a link to all Schlage re-key sets on Amazon. And this is a link to a YouTube video that explains how to rekey your doorknob or deadbolt.

DIY Yale Rekey

As a senior locksmith in San Jose, I know that Kwikset and Schlage are the most popular keyways and locks in our community. But of course, there are many more. The third famous lock brand in San Jose is Yale.

So here is the link to buy a Yale kit from Amazon. And a YouTube video on how to replace your Yale lock.

There are differences between Yale, Kwikset & Schlage doorknobs. Learn more about Kwikset VS. Schlage.

Coronavirus tip! The latest Covid-19 virus can live on hard surfaces for a long time.

Virulogists say (March, 27th, 2020) that the virus can stay alive and still be infected without a body for 3 hours in airsoul, and upto 24 hours on hard surfaces such as cardboards, fabrics and paper, and upto 72 hours! On plastic, counter-tops, glass and stainless steel.

So make sure you are using sanitation wipes to clean up your doorknob deadbolt and your car door handles, everytime someone is touching it.

Locksmith Tips for Coronavirus
San Jose | Coronavirus tips by a local locksmith

Clean your vehicle’s interior | Car Locksmith in San Jose

Disinfect and sanitize your car from Covid-19

As your local automotive locksmith in San Jose, we go into cars to program a new key or to fix an ignition many times a day. We don’t want to get infected by your vehicle, as well. You don’t want to get an infection by a locksmith technician that fixed your car remotely. This is why disinfecting your car/vehicle is so essential. You may want to use human and pet-friendly solution and simple fogger to spray your car interior after someone drove or with you from your work.

Get advice from a local locksmith in San Jose

Free consultation from a professional locksmith during the Coronavirus.

We, at Real-Time Locksmith in San Jose, are here to help you out. We are neighbors, and these are hard times. We offer you better deals and discounts on labor, just to be sure your business and home are secured. If you run on a tight budget, we will take it into our considerations, offer you even better deals, and we will not charge you for labor. Our top priority is to see you again. After the Coronavirus.

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