Professional vs. DIY Car Rekeying

While it’s possible to rekey your car locks on your own with patience and the right skills, you’re probably going to need the help of a professional at some point throughout the process. This article will hopefully help you better understand the rekeying procedure (whether you’re rekeying a car door lock or an ignition). Just remember that it’s always better to ask a locksmith for help with something that you don’t understand than it is to cause excessive damage to your car. If you need car rekey San Jose services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Real Time Locksmith. 


Car Rekey Professional Services

Hiring an automotive locksmith is going to be the best option for rekeying your car locks. Professional locksmiths have a lot of experience when it comes to rekeying car door locks and ignitions. Professional rekeying services are the way to go if you want a car rekey San Jose that is quick and efficient. Here is what the rekeying process looks like when handled by a professional:



Several aspects need to be evaluated before rekeying your car. The three primary factors are parts, function, and time. A professional locksmith will consider which parts the lock uses and how readily available they are. Next, the locksmith will check that the locks that are going to be rekeyed are functioning properly. You may need car door lock repair or broken key removal if a key is stuck in the ignition. If you need car door lock repair, the service will cost a bit more. If your key has broken off in the ignition, the locksmith will first need to remove the key and then rekey your ignition (as long as no damage was caused). The last factor, time, must also be taken into account. The amount of time it will take to rekey your car is determined by the difficulty. Some cars are more complicatedly built and will take longer to rekey. 



Usually, the most difficult part of rekeying a car is gaining access to the car door lock cylinder. Whether it is an ignition or a door lock cylinder, removing the surrounding panels will expose wires. You must proceed with caution to avoid damaging the panels and disconnecting or fraying key electrical components. It definitely doesn’t hurt to have a professional locksmith who is familiar with car cylinder removal and understands the process and risks. By hiring a professional for car rekey San Jose, you won’t have to worry about needing car ignition repair or replacing your car door lock cylinder. 



Before you rekey your car, it’s important to understand that the internal components for rekeying a car are not as universal as those for rekeying a residential lock. Wafers, sliders, and disk detainers all have manufacturer-specific sizes. To properly replace these components, the new components will have to fit the lock cylinder. One easy solution is to rearrange the existing components by rotating the wafers in different positions. As a result, your old car key will no longer work. It’s crucial to note that the rekeying process is only effective for working locks and will not repair broken locks.  


Cutting a New Key

Since your original car key will no longer work, a locksmith will replace your existing keys. However, this isn’t the same process as standard car key replacement since the new key won’t correspond to any existing vehicle information. This key will have an entirely new code.


To make a new key, a locksmith will use a key cutter that cuts from code since there is no key to duplicate. Obtaining this code will require the use of expert tools and knowledge. However, if the wafers, sliders, or discs are worn, the replacement key may need to be modified.


If you lose your car key and don’t have a spare, a locksmith or dealership will be unable to cut a key using your VIN (vehicle identifying number). Anyone creating a new key must have access to the current key code or decode the rekeyed car lock.


DIY Car Rekey

No one is going to stop you from tackling this project on your own. However, if there’s a certain part of the process that you’re unsure about, don’t be afraid to get assistance from a locksmith. 



Although you may not be able to handle every step in the rekeying process on your own, even if you only accomplish one, you’ll still end up saving money. You can also save even more money by buying your own parts. Additionally, by doing the work yourself you can learn more about your car and develop new skills.



If you rekey your car yourself, you risk damaging it and having to spend a lot more on repairs. Rekeying your car takes a lot of patience and if you put a part back in the wrong place, your car won’t work. Furthermore, if you lose a part such as a screw, it can be hard to find replacements because of their non-standard sizes. 


You can save yourself a lot of money by rekeying your car on your own. Whether it’s worth the hassle, is up to you. If you’re short on time and don’t have the experience rekeying cars, we recommend calling a professional locksmith for rekey San Jose. After all, locksmiths specialize in rekeying car door locks and ignitions. If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith company in San Jose, Real Time Locksmith is a trustworthy locksmith company that is right up your alley!

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