Pros and Cons: Installing a Keypad Door Lock

Are you interested in switching out your standard door locks for keypad door locks? Before you proceed, we advise you to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages listed below to determine whether it’s worthwhile to install keypad door locks. If you decide that this is the best option for you, you should hire a locksmith Campbell to install the keypad door locks.


Electronic vs. Mechanical Keypad Door Locks

If you want to install a keypad door lock, you’ll need to decide between an electronic or manual mechanical keypad. Electronic locks require an energy source to work, but mechanical keypad door locks are energy independent and function similarly to traditional door locks. Do you want a keypad that is convenient or durable? Your preferences will help you determine which lock you should buy. 


Electronic locks are the more convenient keypad option since they can work with multiple codes and don’t need to be disassembled and re-installed every time the code is changed. On the other hand, buttons tend to wear out or lose their connections over time.


Mechanical keypads are known for their longevity. They continue to work under harsh weather conditions and constant use. The downside is that every time the code is changed, you’ll have to disassemble and re-install the lock.



Most residential keypad door lock installations are going to be quite simple and can even be done on your own. However, you may experience several problems such as misaligned doors, door fit, and programming issues. If you run into any difficulties, you can always reach out to a locksmith Campbell. 


Commercial keypad door lock installation is usually a more complicated process. Instead of using batteries, these devices need to be hardwired into a power supply. Even if you decide to install mechanical commercial keypad locks, you may need to hire a commercial locksmith Campbell due to the complexity of re-coding. 


Pros of Installing Keypad Door Locks

There are several benefits to installing keypad door locks. The results of your keypad door lock will vary, depending on whether you choose to install an electronic or mechanical keypad


Change Access Easily

If contractors or workers are constantly working on your home, rekeying or replacing your locks every time a job is finished can be extremely inconvenient. Installing keypad door locks permits easier access changes without the need for new keys or new locks. 


If you have several mechanical keypads installed (residential or commercial) and need to change the codes, you may want to consider hiring a locksmith Campbell for the disassembly and reassembly required for each lock. 


Secures Your Property

Even if the words “DO NOT DUPLICATE” are inscribed on a key, this won’t prevent a keyholder from duplicating it. With keypad door locks, you won’t have to worry about the security of your building as much since there will be no keys, and therefore no risk of keys getting lost, stolen, or duplicated. Additionally, keypad door locks are completely unpickable since they have no keyways. Of course, there may be other security concerns for this lock, but lock picking isn’t one of them.


Access Control

If you install keypad door locks with the ability to use multiple codes simultaneously, you can create an access hierarchy comparable to that of a master key system. However, you should be aware that the more codes you create, the less secure the door will be. You won’t have to worry about someone brute-forcing the combination, but you must consider the number of people who have access to a designated door. Fortunately, access control allows you to limit the number of code holders for sensitive areas. 


If you install keypad door locks that don’t support simultaneous codes, you can still use your locks to improve access control by setting one code for perimeter access and a second for interior locks. Instead of needing to know one code, residents or workers will have to know several. 


Cons of Installing Keypad Door Locks

Before installing a keypad door lock, there are several drawbacks you should be aware of. If you find any of these points concerning, avoid switching out your standard door locks for a keypad door lock.


Energy Dependence

Even the best electronic locks are energy-dependent, meaning when their power supply is interrupted, they stop functioning. This interruption can occur if batteries die or the power goes out (if the lock is hardwired into a power source). The lock may open or stay locked, depending on whether it is fail-safe or fail-secure. Most locks are fail-secure and therefore can’t be opened without an electrical current. If the batteries die or power fails and there is no keyed cylinder on the keypad, you may need to call a locksmith Campbell for lockout services


Security Concerns

Once the code has been compromised to a keypad door lock, the situation can get out of hand very quickly. Though the code can be changed rather easily, the issue may not be noticeable until it is too late. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if your lock has been compromised if someone is using the correct code. If you install a keypad that is mechanical, there are several ways to decode it. No tools are required to figure out the combination if you install a keypad with low security. These locks can be cracked by touch. 


Mechanical Complexity 

Due to their many moving parts, electronic keypad locks can become outdated very quickly. Each time the code is entered, the more the lock wears down. Some keypad locks wear out slowly, while others wear out quickly, depending on how well they’re built. Commercial keypad locks are more durable and have increased life spans since they are designed for many people to use daily. 


When installing a keypad door lock, you need to consider if keypad door lock repair and replacement services are something you will be able to afford since these services usually cost more than standard door lock services.


Should You Install a Keypad Door Lock?

The decision is entirely up to you. Try weighing the pros and cons to decide if installing a keypad door lock is the right decision for you. If you need any recommendations or help with installing a keypad door lock, give Real Time Locksmith a call.

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