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Doorknob installation services
We are professional residential locksmiths in Cupertino for lock re-key and change services

One main reason we all work so hard is to live a comfortable life.

Part of that comfort is the security in our homes.

Commercial deadbolt lock
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You do not expect to sleep peacefully when you know that the locks on your door are weak and offer no resistance.

Your house locks will act as the first line of defence in the event of a break-in.

If this happens, wouldn’t you want to be ahead of the burglars with top security locks and alarm systems?

If so, then you would need the services of a residential locksmith to help you protect your home.

But in case of an emergency, is it easy to find a reliable residential locksmith near me in Cupertino, CA?

The answer is Yes! Below are some of the services to expect from a residential locksmith:

Home re-keying services

Moving into a new home has its jitters and uncertainties.

However, you should not let the problem of security be one of them.

Even in your old home, when people are complaining of attempted break-ins, do not wait until it is too late to resolve the problem.

We offer a solution that is not only affordable but also very practical, i.e., we re-key your locks.

During this service, we will dismantle your locks, and replace the pins and wafers.

While putting the lock back together, we fit in the pins to a unique and different configuration which requires a different key to open.

Deadbolt Lock re-key
A problem with your locks can be easily solved with a lock change or re-key service in Cupertino. Call us today.

So, you get to use a new key on your door, and in turn, lockout anyone with the old key to your home.

Be safe at all times by re-keying your locks today.

A residential locksmith near me for house lockouts.

When you are walking up to your door, you reach out to your key in your pocket, or purse, only to find it missing.

What do you do when you live on the fifth floor, with no fire escape or a window that you could crawl into?

Do you break the door or start worrying about where to sleep, or do you look for a reliable locksmith to help you get into your home in the shortest time possible?

The latter is the most rewarding option.

jammed door lock repair.
Are you having issues opening your locks? Call us for jammed door lock repair.

Do not hesitate to call our Residential locksmith near me in Cupertino, CA.

Whether you are dealing with rusty locks, a jammed lock, a key breaking in the lock, or even a damaged lock, we have got you covered.

Broken or jammed key extraction

Many keys, if not all, are metallic.

So, when faced with friction, they tend to wear out with time.

As a result, we find ourselves applying more pressure to open the locks on your doors.

Worn-out keys tend to be weaker than new keys, meaning they are more susceptible to bend or break.

So, when you break your key in the lock, what do you do?

The internet has a thousand and one suggestions of how to remove a broken key from the lock, but sometimes, you may try and fail.

At such a time, you call for an expert to help you.

We offer the quickest and most reliable broken and jammed key extraction services.

With simple tools, we can remove the key without damaging your lock.

Residential intercom systems

Intercoms are one of the most significant residential security developments ever to scale the market.

With an intercom unit, you get to talk to the person seeking passage to your home.

Commercial lock installation
Are you tired of changing your office locks? call us for a hi-security lock installation in Cupertino, CA.

Also, some have a fitted video display that lets you analyze the person before you open the door.

So, the chances of you opening the door to a stranger reduce, and you get only to allow the people you want in your home, into your home.

However, the installation and maintenance processes are not simple.

That is why you would require the services of a professional residential locksmith near you.

All our certified residential locksmiths specialize in all types of intercoms with different levels of security features.

So, if you want better access control for your home, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Lock repair and replacement

Banging of doors, old age, break-ins, accidents are all causes of damaged locks on doors.

The integrity of a damaged lock is highly questionable, and once you notice a problem, you ought to fix it as soon as possible.

However, some locks are not as easy to replace as the padlock.

They need you to have experience on how to fit the parts and where what goes, all skills you can find in any of our residential locksmiths near me in Cupertino, CA.

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