Should I Replace or Re-key my Locks?

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The Decision to Replace or Re-key Your Locks

When you move into a new house, a new office, or even get new warehouses for your company, your primary concern is the security of the area. Although it might be secure, you need to put in some effort to reinforce the security of your new premises. Also, if you lose your keys, find yourself in a break-in or even have old locks in your home, there are different approaches to resolving the issue. When you call in a good locksmith, like the ones we have at Real-Time Locksmith, they will first assess your opinion. Do you want to replace your locks or rekey them? There are benefits to both, which we help you understand. Then, we go-ahead to replace or rekey your locks, to give you a new sense of confidence in the level of security of your locks.

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  • Why replace your locks?

The choice of rekeying or replacement of locks depends on several factors. However, you need to understand what each process is to make a sound decision.

Rekeying locks

A key is specific to a lock due to the types of springs and pins used in the lock cylinder.

Therefore, when you call in an expert to rekey your locks, all they do is remove the springs and pins, and replace them with new ones. With the new springs and pins, the lock will require a new key to operate. Hence, unless you need a unique style of locks or the whole is malfunctioning, you can quickly get a new key for your locks. It is important to note that when rekeying the lock, you can only work with the springs and pins particular to that type of lock.

Reasons to rekey your locks

The most common reason why you would want to rekey your locks is to have better key control. That means that you can tell who has a key to your property, especially after changing possession of a home, office, or even car. Once you loan out a key, then you lose control over who has a key to your property. As a result, you end up worried that your home or family is no longer safe. To avoid such situations, why not have a professional locksmith from Real-Time locksmith rekey your locks for you?

When you move to a new home or buy an apartment, you need to consider that many contractors have the keys to access that house. Also, during the construction, there are locks installed. These locks will have a key particular to the lock, handed to the owner. However, with some master pins in the lock, the number of keys operating the lock doubles. Sometimes, you will find a bolt with as many as 16 keys. However, when you order for a rekeying service, the experts would remove the master pins, keeping your property safe and giving you absolute key control.

Replacing locks

Sometimes, you cannot escape the lock replacement.Office Locksmith San Jose In instances where the locks are damaged beyond repair, worn out to the point where rekeying would not restore their functionality, then it is time you went for an upgrade. When replacing locks, you can always return the same model, or have better ones that improve the level of security in your home. The friction due to keys turning in the locks will eventually take its toll on the locks, making them unreliable. When such a time comes, then it is time you had new locks in your property.

Why replace your locks?

Different people have different ways of dealing with security issues in their homes. Some will replace the locks to upgrade the security. Hence, they will remove the lower grade locks and fit in new ones with a better security grade. Others will replace the locks to accommodate a disability. For instance, rather than having a doorknob, you can replace that lock with a lever handle lock for smoother operation. Also, if you move to a new home and you feel that staying with the same locks would be a significant risk, then you can replace the locks.

Also, if you want to stay relevant to the modern trends in security locks, you can always upgrade from a manual lock to an electronic one. These are more convenient to use around your property.

Whether you need to replace or rekey your lock to have better key control or security, then you will need the services of a professional locksmith. That is why at Real-Time Locksmith, we vail these services to you at the most affordable rates.

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