Troubleshoot A Faulty Ignition Switch

Faulty Ignition Switch Replacement
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How to troubleshoot ignition switch problems.

Starting your car involves a series of activities that start with the twist of your ignition lock, to a spark in the engine plugs.

Therefore, the ignition becomes one of the most critical parts of your car.

Faulty Ignition Switch Replacement
Replacing a bad ignition with stuck keys in the Lock position.

Whether it’s a new car or an old one, you can experience some problems with the ignition.

Old age, constant use, banging, drilling, or even accidents could cause some of the significant issues associated with ignition keys.

The good thing about your switch is that it is easy to troubleshoot.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the most common ignition switch problems. These include:

A car failing to start

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For a vehicle to start, it requires that the lock and key fit perfectly to turn.

However, that is not always the case.

You might get to your car, trying to start it to get to work, only for you to have it fail to start.

In most cases, the problem results from wear and tear of your key or lock to more technical issues like worn-out spark plugs.



Key won’t turn in the ignition.

Ignition Switch Replacement
A clear view of the ignition and the steering column of a car. Key stuck in the ON position of the ignition

If you try turning your key in the ignition switch, and it fails to turn, then you know there is a problem.

It could be a jammed lock or even a steering lock.

The latter is quickly resolved by jiggling the steering wheel, while the former required you call in an expert.

Electrical faults

The ignition switch is as much electrical as it is mechanical.

Despite having the mechanical key, it also has the electrical part wired to cause ignition once you turn the key.

When there are loose connections, worn-out joints, or you notice the dashboard lights flickering, then you will need a professional to help you with that.

Now we know the common problems you can experience when it comes to your ignition key switch.

But knowing about them might not be as helpful.

Hence the need to learn how to troubleshoot.

How do you troubleshoot Ignition switch problems?

Whenever you are dealing with an ignition switch for the first time, it is essential to be careful not to lose parts of it.

Stuck key in the ignition
Stuck key in the ignition retrieval. The key stuck in the ACC position and won’t start.

Also, you will need the diagram connection so that you can reassemble the lock correctly.

Once you have all that, then you can go ahead and open the fuse panel under the steering.

Then, you will need to remove the fuse for the ignition starter to avoid starting the car while you are still working on it.

Usually, the diagram on the fuse panel will help you locate the fuse without a hassle.

Inspect the fuse

The fuse works as a connector from the ignition switch to the engine.

In the event of a short, the fuse breaks to protect your engine from a power surge.

After such an event, when you try starting your car next time, you will have problems.

So, when you open the fuse box, check the fuse to ensure the metallic strip in the fuse is complete, from end to end.

Check the battery

Car computer programming
Skilled mechanic using a laptop computer to check a car engine

When starting your car, you turn the key, which in turn allows an electrical signal to move from the cell to the spark plugs, causing a spark that burns the fuel.

After ensuring that the switch is ok, then you need to measure the voltage of your battery.

Using a meter, you should read a voltage of about 12.4 volts.

If it appears to be less, then you might want to recharge your battery.

Once you check the fuse and find it intact, or find the battery fully charged, yet your car won’t start, then it could be problems with the ignition switch.

You can confirm this when you turn the key to the 3rd position to crank up the engine but end up with no noise from the hood of your car.

All ignition switch related problems are often easy to solve, as well as diagnose.

With experience, you are most likely going to spend less than an hour before you find the problem.

However, some issues are not that easy to resolve, especially if you lack any background on vehicle wiring.

However, if you lack in one area and feel that you need help, then you can contact us for ignition switch repair, repalcement and problem resolution.

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