What Does an Automotive Locksmith Do?

Automotive Locksmiths are some of the most underrated modern-day heroes. Every day countless amounts of people are saved in different circumstances where they’ve locked themselves out of their car. Automotive locksmiths are just like commercial and residential locksmiths in the sense that they deal with locks and keys—only for automotives, such as cars and other vehicles. An automotive locksmith has plenty of different responsibilities. This blog post will give you a feel for what kind of services they do.


Emergency Car Lockout Services 

It’s impossible to know when you could accidentally lose your car keys or lock them in your car, and regrettably, this can happen to anyone at the most inconvenient times. Most automotive locksmiths provide 24/7 emergency services and can be there within minutes to help you unlock your car of any model, make, or age. Generally, automotive locksmiths are happy to provide you with backup keys so you can avoid similar situations in the future.


Car Key Extraction 

Unfortunately, car keys can break at any given moment. Luckily, automotive locksmiths can extract your broken key using special tools! After removing the key, they’ll be sure to check the locks to see if the shattered key has caused any other damage to the lock. If there is any damage, they will replace the lock on site. 


Car Key Replacement and Duplication

It’s the absolute worst when you’re about to head in to work or drive the kids to school and you can’t find your car keys! While rummaging through your purse or wallet the last thing you think of is calling a locksmith, because of the state of panic you’re in. But in the event that you can’t find your car keys within a few minutes, you should certainly call a locksmith so they can cut you a new key, so you won’t end up wasting more time! Even if it’s not an emergency, automotive locksmiths can replace your keys if they’re old as well as worn down. 


Repair Damaged Locks

When a door lock becomes damaged it may no longer operate with the key or remote key fob. It is not uncommon for door locks to be damaged because of an accident, theft, or simply through wear and tear. An automotive locksmith can ensure that your door locks are in good working condition and if not they will easily replace them.


Ignition Repair and Replacement

If your car is refusing to start, no matter what you try, it may be due to a faulty ignition. This is either caused by an accident, theft, or can happen over time. The ignition may need to be repaired or replaced with a new cylinder. An automotive locksmith can diagnose and resolve your ignition issues by repairing or replacing faulty ignition switches. Initially, when you think of repairing or replacing an ignition switch you’d probably think that a car mechanic would be a better bet than a locksmith, however, an automotive locksmith should be called since a problem with the ignition switch is really an issue with your lock. Also, only locksmiths would be able to repair transponder keys which are sometimes synched with ignitions. On top of that, automotive locksmiths are way more convenient because they can come to your location, whereas mechanics want you to come to them.


Program Car Keys

Newer cars usually use transponder keys. A transponder key has a chip implanted in it that communicates with your vehicle and until the vehicle receives the right message from the transponder, the car will not start. If your transponder key is not programmed correctly an automotive locksmith can figure out what the problem is and fix it. Or if you need a new transponder key they can program it for you using one of two different methods:

  1. Remote programming- this works in certain car models and keys, using a pre-existing key
  2. In-car programming- using special equipment designed for programming keys into vehicles


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