What Should You Do if Your Key Fob Doesn’t Work After a Battery Change?

Typically when key fobs stop working it’s because of a drained battery. If you’ve replaced your battery and your car key fob is still not working, there are several other issues that could be causing your key fob to malfunction. Aside from drained batteries, some of the most common issues include worn buttons, damage, or a deprogrammed key fob. However, it’s also a possibility that the problem isn’t with the key fob itself, but that your locks are broken or you’re having electrical issues with your car. Once you determine the issue, we’ll help you find an appropriate solution. Continue reading to find out what could’ve caused your key fob to stop working and how to fix it. If you still don’t know what the issue is with your key fob after reading this article, don’t hesitate to call a reputable car locksmith near you.


Worn Buttons

If the buttons are worn down on your key fob, they may work inconsistently, only work when pressed in a specific way, or one button may work while another doesn’t. When a button is pressed, contacts are used to send signals to a circuit board. However, the contacts can wear down or the buttons can wear down to the point where they no longer touch the contacts. When the plastic on your key fob breaks and the contact is exposed, it’s evident that it’s worn down. Other times, your car key fob may not show visible signs of worn buttons.


The simplest way to figure out if your buttons are worn down (if they aren’t showing visible signs) is to test out a spare remote and see if you’re having the same issues with it. If you are, the issue probably has nothing to do with worn buttons or contacts. If only one of your key fobs is having these problems, you’ll either have to replace the entire key fob or just the remote housing. 


Damaged Locks

If your door locks aren’t responding when you press a button on your key fob, the issue might not be with your key fob. Instead, it’s possible that your door locks are damaged. To check whether the lock is the source of the issue, see how your remote responds with all of the door locks. If the remote unlocks all of the doors except for one, the problem is most likely with the door lock that isn’t unlocking. Another sign that one of the car door locks isn’t working is if your key fob indicator lights flash to show that a signal is being sent without the door unlocking. However, if the key fob isn’t unlocking any of the doors, then you can rule out this possibility.


If your car door isn’t opening from the inside or outside, this is a clear sign that a door lock is broken. If your door locks are broken, we advise that you immediately call a car locksmith to get them fixed. Once the car locksmith arrives at your location, they will decide whether car door lock repair or replacement is the better solution. Broken locks don’t just compromise the functionality of your locks, but will affect your security as well. 



Another possibility is that your key fob has been deprogrammed. Deprogramming is the process of instructing a vehicle’s onboard computer to delete all keys from its access list. This can occur as a result of pressing certain button sequences, which will invalidate all keys. You can determine if this is occurring by testing out a spare key fob. If both your primary and secondary key fobs aren’t responding, your key fobs may have been deprogrammed. 


If your key fob is programmed to multiple cars, there is a button sequence that switches which car the fob will open. You may have unintentionally put your key fob into an unprogrammed secondary state. To see if your car has this feature, check online or in your owner’s manual. If it does, you may be able to program the key on your own. Otherwise, call a professional like a car locksmith or a dealership to program your key fob. 


Damaged Key

When we say “damaged key”, we mean physically broken rather than worn out. If you recently dropped, stepped on, or got your key fob wet, it’s likely damaged. Although the damage may be visible, it doesn’t have to be. If your car key fob is damaged it will either have to be entirely replaced or partially replaced. 


Electrical Issues

Worst-case scenario, your key fob might not be working due to damage to the car’s electrical system. This can occur if you recently had your car’s dashboard panels or side panels removed and reinstalled. Sometimes when this type of work is done, exposed wires can unintentionally be damaged or disconnected during the service. If you recently had work done on your car, check for further electrical malfunctions. Additionally, other electrical failures such as faulty horns and broken lights can contribute to key fob issues. If you’re having issues with your key fob due to electrical issues, contact a car mechanic. A car mechanic will reconnect or replace any damaged wires. 


Call a Reputable Locksmith

If you just replaced your key fob battery and your key fob is still not working, the solution can be a little more involved than replacing the battery. Fortunately, you can call a car locksmith to replace your key fob or repair your door locks if need be. Reputable locksmiths like Real-Time Locksmith are mobile and can reach your location quickly! However, if you are having issues with the electrical system, a car locksmith will not be able to resolve the issue. You’ll have to call a car mechanic for help instead.

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