What to Do When You’ve Been Locked Out of Your Office

Office lockouts are often out of your control. You may have lost your keys or locked them inside the office. Getting locked out of your workplace is not only a frustrating and scary experience but can be a major inconvenience that puts work and productivity on hold. If you get locked out of your office, you’ll want to get back inside as soon as you can. The quickest and most reliable solution is to call an office locksmith San Jose. If you ever get locked out of your office, here’s what you can do. 


Take a Deep Breath

Many people tend to react irrationally when they get locked out of their homes and businesses. But as tempted as you may be to kick down your door or break a window, these actions will only result in higher repair costs. Instead, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. 


Ask Staff Members to Let You In

Does anyone else have keys to your office—perhaps another staff member? If you know of someone who does, contact them and ask them if they can let you in or if you can arrange to pick it up. Another possibility is that one of your employees is already at the office and can let you in. 


Call a Locksmith

If no one has office keys or isn’t available to let you in, it’s time to call an office locksmith San Jose. When hiring a local locksmith, it shouldn’t take too long for them to arrive and get you back in. Once the locksmith arrives, they can help you gain entry to your office by picking the lock or cutting you a new key without needing the original.


Consider Your Options

After a locksmith arrives and gets you back into your office, your locksmith will recommend specific services pertaining to your situation. If you have reason to believe that your keys have been stolen or you lost your keys, your locksmith will suggest getting your locks rekeyed or changed for security reasons. But if you locked your keys in your workplace, you won’t need to get your locks rekeyed or changed since there is no visible security threat. Discuss your options with your locksmith, they’ll give you recommendations based on your needs and budget. 


How to Prevent Office Lockouts in the Future

After getting locked out of your office once, you’ll want to be sure that you never get locked out again. To help prevent future office lockouts you should duplicate your keys if you haven’t done so already. Call up a locksmith in San Jose and have them duplicate your keys for you. A locksmith can duplicate your keys quickly and for an affordable price. Give spare keys out to several trustworthy staff members and make an extra one for yourself. Place your spare keys in a secure location that you’ll be able to access when necessary. This will save you a whole lot of time and money in the future if the same situation arises. 


Looking for an Office Locksmith in San Jose?

If you’re looking for a reliable office locksmith San Jose to get you out of a fix, Real Time Locksmith is the way to go. We are available to assist you 24/7 with lockouts and other commercial lock emergencies. You’ll never have to wait long for us since we respond to customer calls within minutes and will have you back inside your office in less than 20 minutes!

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