What’s a Jimmy-proof Lock?

Usually, a jimmy-proof lock is located on the inside of the house on the door. It’s often shaped like an oval and features a sliding mechanism. When you close the door, it can slide into place. There is also a strike plate, which uses a brass piece. This attaches to your frame with screws that are self-tapping. We also provide other high-quality locking mechanisms, such as the heavy-duty Jimmy-proof deadbolt lock. They are most suitable for business and commercial properties. Please call us and let us help you replace your locks.

How do Jimmy-proof Locks Work?

If you want a lock that is easy to use, the jimmy-proof versions offer the highest security. This lock uses a knob or key and controls a vertical bolt made of two pieces. When you engage the locking mechanism, the pin goes down or up on the rings found on the strike plate. The good news is that these locks can be installed for people who are right- or left-handed. Door placement is also factored in, here, which means you can have a lock that is easy to shoot when you need it. Please choose a master locksmith and listen to their recommendations about the jimmy-lock for peace of mind and best results.

kwikset jimmy proof lock
Kwikset’s Jimmy Proof Lock

What’s the Difference between a Deadbolt and Jimmy Proof Lock?

Locksmiths specialize in locking mechanisms and know that there is a difference between jimmy-proof and deadbolt locks. Most of them believe that the installation process is the biggest change. Deadbolts are complete locking systems and can be installed on the outside or the inside of your door. However, a jimmy-proof lock requires a cylinder pin so that it can work properly. Plus, it can only be installed to the inside of the door.

Three Reasons Why Jimmy Proof Locks Are Safer

If your goal is to enhance the safety of your family and your possessions, now is the time to consider high-quality locking mechanisms. This is essential to protect companies, homes, cars, and everything else that you own. In New York City, homeowners and business owners are focused primarily on the security of their premises. Therefore, it is best to consult with a locksmith to replace, install, or change jimmy-proof locks as needed. We are here to help you. Please call Real Time Locksmith to request service no matter the time.

We have come up with the top three reasons why a jimmy-proof lock is safer than traditional and standard locks:

  1. Secure keying mechanisms – Some locks are easily penetrated, but a jimmy-proof one cannot be easily accessed with a picking device or credit card. Therefore, they are more reliable than other options and can be suitable for the front door. This is where most would-be thieves try to gain access first, so it’s essential that it is protected and not easily accessed.
  2. Dependable and steadfast – Try as you might, you cannot gain access to a home with a jimmy-proof locking mechanism. It’s designed to withstand a lot of force. Experts and professionals who prefer to install jimmy-proof locks usually tell their clients about the protection and security that they are going to feel when a powerful lock like this is used.
  3. High-end security measures – When you install a jimmy-proof lock, it’s an easy way to protect the items and people who are important to you. These locks are reasonably priced, and a local locksmith is sure to be able to install them on the same day that you call.

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