When Do You Need to Change Your Locks?

It goes without saying that you should change a lock when it breaks; nevertheless, there may be other times in your life, some of which are expected and others which are unexpected, when you’ll need to change your locks. These events typically have to do with your security being compromised. If any of the following scenarios occur, we advise that you call a locksmith San Jose right away. 


Moving Into a New Home

When you move into a new home, we recommend changing the locks. For all you know, the previous owner may have extra spare keys lying around or given several out to neighbors, friends, and relatives. Even if the homeowner claims that they have changed the locks recently, they might not be aware of certain threats. A realtor or renovation team, for example, is likely to have made spare keys. 


Changing Tenants

If you are a landlord or a property management company, you’ll want to change the locks after a tenant moves out for the protection of your property and future tenants. Although tenants who are moving out will turn in their keys, nothing is stopping them from duplicating the keys first.  Nowadays, with self-service key-duplicating kiosks, it’s extremely easy to get spare keys. If you are a tenant and your roommate has recently moved out, ask your landlord about changing your locks. 


Ending Relationships

During a relationship (even if you didn’t live together) people will usually give their partner a key to their place. When a relationship ends and you want to cease contact, you’ll want to make sure that your ex doesn’t have access to your home. Even the people that we’re closest with can harm us when they’re feeling rejected. Protect yourself by changing your locks. 


Even in a well-meaning and mutual breakup, there may be things that you have that your former partner feels entitled to such as a piece of furniture they supposedly paid for. On a more serious note, if children are involved, you’ll want to protect them. After all, it’s not uncommon for biological parents to kidnap their kids.


After a Burglary

Immediately after you call the police, you should hire a locksmith San Jose to change your locks. This should be done right after you notice that your home has been broken into to ensure that the burglar does not return. Your locksmith may recommend that you upgrade your locks to high-security locks and install security cameras, but the decision is entirely up to you. Whatever you do, it’s important that you get better locks and take preventative measures to ensure that your home is not broken into again. Most burglars are lazy and will leave you alone once they see that you’re making an effort to secure your home. 



In most cases, a locksmith will need to be present during a forced eviction. Locksmiths will help you gain entry to the evicted tenant’s unit and will also change the locks. Even if the evicted tenant gives back all of their recorded keys, who’s to say they don’t have any spares. If the tenant has a history of being difficult, you may want to think about improving your apartment building’s security. You should always be aware that an evicted tenant may attempt to get back into their unit. Ask a locksmith San Jose what additional security measures they recommend taking. 


Staff Changes

This may only seem necessary when it comes to office security, but it may also apply to you as a homeowner if you have employees who work at your home. For example, you may have a construction crew, gardeners, housekeepers, or housesitters who have keys to your home. Usually, it will be more than enough to rekey your home after a staff change. However, you may want to consider replacing your locks with keyless entry locks to eliminate the risk of a spare key falling into the wrong hands.


Lost Keys

You don’t need to change your locks if you know where you lost your keys and know that no one will trace them back to you. However, if you can’t find a hidden key or suspect that your keys have been stolen, you should change your locks. Before changing your locks, try to remember where you left them and look for them. If you still can’t find them and are certain that someone would be able to figure out where to use them, change all affected locks.


Call a Reliable Locksmith San Jose

While you’re more than welcome to change your locks by yourself, if you want the quickest and most efficient solution, hiring a professional locksmith San Jose is the best way to go. The cost of changing your locks is negligible in comparison to the peace of mind that comes from having the job done correctly. A professional locksmith will also be able to give you advice and alternative solutions that you may not be aware of. For example, in several of the above situations, you may be able to get your locks rekeyed as long as they are functioning. Rekeying usually costs less than changing locks. 


If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith San Jose, reach out to Real Time Locksmith. You won’t regret hiring us!

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