When Should I Call a Motorcycle Locksmith?

A motorcycle locksmith should be your first stop if something is wrong with your motorcycle’s keys or locks. A motorcycle locksmith San Jose can make keys, open locks, repair locks, and replace locks. If you’re ever experiencing an issue with your motorcycle’s locks or keys, don’t hesitate to give Real Time Locksmith a call! Here’s when you should call a motorcycle locksmith near you:


1. Motorcycle Key Replacement

Unfortunately, factory-made motorcycle keys tend to be made out of a softer metal than car and house keys. Softer metal bends more easily, which will prevent the key from working in functioning locks. Sometimes bent keys can work in certain keyed-alike locks where the key is not fully inserted like gas cap and storage lock cylinders, but do not work in ignitions since they need to be fully inserted. 


You can call a motorcycle locksmith San Jose to get keys that are made from stronger metal. These keys are more durable and won’t bend as easily as manufacturer-made keys. 


Did you lose your only motorcycle key? A motorcycle locksmith can make you a new one from the lock by decoding the lock or looking up the key code. 


2. Key Broke in the Lock

Since motorcycle keys are soft, they are more likely to break off in the lock. If this occurs, refrain from removing the key on your own since you may cause damage to your locks or ignition. However, if you do remove the key fragments and damage your locks or ignition, a locksmith can make the necessary repairs. Additionally, if you don’t have a working spare key, a motorcycle locksmith can make a copy using the broken key. Your new key will be more durable than your original key since aftermarket blanks are made of stronger metal. 


3. Malfunctioning Motorcycle Seat Lock

A motorcycle locksmith San Jose can unlock, repair, or replace your motorcycle seat lock whether it’s custom-made, factory-made, or an aftermarket seat lock. If your seat lock isn’t functioning properly, it’s best to call a motorcycle locksmith so they can assess the issue; the problem might be with the key rather than the lock.


Did you lose your only key? A motorcycle locksmith can make you a new key from the seat lock. However, if you have a classic bike or a custom seat lock, nonstandard or specialty parts may need to be ordered.


4. Motorcycle Padlock Isn’t Unlocking

Many motorcycle riders use a padlock and chain to secure their bikes. Although, occasionally these padlocks can become jammed. Luckily, a motorcycle locksmith San Jose can open any padlock. Your locksmith will have to cut the lock or chain if your padlock is completely broken. If you plan on replacing your padlock, ask your locksmith for recommendations that will improve your security.


5. Motorcycle Wheel Lock Won’t Open

Like padlocks, motorcycle wheel locks offer an additional layer of security and can be purchased through third-party manufacturers. If your wheel lock is stuck, a motorcycle locksmith will be able to open any type of motorcycle wheel lock. Forcing a wheel lock open can potentially damage your bike, so if your lock is functional, your locksmith will pick it. If this is not the case, your locksmith will have to use destructive measures to open your lock.


6. Helmet Lock Is Broken 

If your helmet lock is broken, you may be able to use wire cutters to cut the metal, depending on how thick the metal is. However, if you are unable to cut them, you’ll need to call a locksmith to do it for you. A mobile motorcycle locksmith will have the right tools to cut your lock. Since the helmet lock is where companies tend to cut costs, and they are typically not meant to be taken apart and maintained, your helmet lock will need to be entirely replaced. 


7. Gas Cap Won’t Open

Getting locked out of your gas tank is a serious issue, that is usually caused by a broken key. To determine whether the issue is with the key, insert it into the ignition and see if it starts the engine (this method will only work if your gas cap and ignition are keyed-alike). If the ignition doesn’t start, the key most likely is damaged. If the key functions normally in the ignition, the lock cylinder on the gas cap may need to be replaced. Contact a motorcycle locksmith San Jose to get the issue diagnosed and resolved.


8. Stuck Motorcycle Bag Locks

If your motorcycle bag lock is factory-made and uses the same key as the ignition and gas cap, you can test the key out on other locks to determine if the bag lock is broken. However, if your bag lock was made by a third-party manufacturer, key blanks can be more difficult to find, and lock cylinders may not be replaceable. A motorcycle locksmith can still get into your bag if you need access to the contents and may be able to repair the lock, but if the damage is too severe, you will have to replace your bag.


9. Motorcycle Ignition Replacement

If you are having problems with your ignition, contact a motorcycle locksmith right away. A locksmith will be able to diagnose the issue by testing out both the keys and the ignition to get to the root of the problem. If the motorcycle locks are keyed-alike, the keys could work on your gas cap and bag locks, but might not work in the ignition. This is because motorcycle keys only partially insert into the gas cap lock, and the key may be damaged further up which would affect the ignition, but not the gas cap lock. After the locksmith determines the issue, they will take appropriate action. 


Call Real Time Locksmith for Motorcycle Services

If you’re looking for a motorcycle locksmith San Jose, Real Time Locksmith has got you covered! We provide a variety of motorcycle locksmith services including ignition switch repair and replacement, gas cap removal and replacement, and motorcycle key replacement of all kinds. Get in contact with us today for quick and reliable motorcycle services in San Jose!

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