When Should I Hire a Local Locksmith in San Jose?

Have you been locked out of your home, car, or business and are in need of a locksmith San Jose? Or did you lose your house key? If you find yourself in one of these situations or something similar, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. In certain circumstances, you can try fixing your locks by yourself, but this takes skill, patience, and the right tools which can end up costing a lot of money. We recommend calling a professional locksmith if you don’t have the necessary experience. Fortunately, Real Time Locksmith offers affordable prices and is happy to help you with any lock-related issue. We are proud to have been serving the San Jose community since 2008. At Real Time Locksmith, we offer a range of locksmith services including residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency lockout services. Whether the situation is an emergency or not, our locksmiths are available to assist you 24/7.


Why Hire a Local Locksmith in San Jose?

If you’re considering hiring a locksmith, it’s always preferable to go local. Hiring a locksmith San Jose is a more convenient and affordable option, rather than hiring a locksmith from San Francisco, for example. Local locksmiths are the most familiar with the area and will therefore be able to navigate San Jose the best. This is especially important in an emergency situation, like a lockout. Since local locksmiths know the area well and are closer to your location, it will take a shorter amount of time for them to get to you. Additionally, local locksmiths will charge less for the commute. If you live in San Jose, you can count on Real Time Locksmith to come to your aid quickly. 



Real Time Locksmith provides a large variety of locksmith services in San Jose. If you are in need of any of our services, give us a call.


Residential Locksmith Service

Are you locked out of your home or apartment? Have you just moved into a new home and need the locks to be changed or rekeyed? Or do you need a spare key for a family member? These are all scenarios when you should hire a residential locksmith San Jose. Real Time Locksmith offers a large range of residential services that covers everything from home lockouts to full lock installations. It’s our priority to make sure your home is safe and secure at all times.


Commercial Locksmith Service

Has your business experienced a break-in? Do your locks and security systems need to be upgraded? Real Time Locksmith can address both of these issues plus more! The security of your business is vital to us. Whether a burglar has broken into your office or your locks are old and worn, your security has been compromised and you need to seek a professional commercial locksmith San Jose, right away. Real Time Locksmith provides a wide variety of commercial locksmith services that will ensure that your San Jose business is secure and protected from all threats. 


Automotive Locksmith Service

Are you locked out of your car? Or is your ignition faulty? Who better to call than a trusty automotive locksmith San Jose. Real Time Locksmith can provide any car lock-related service that you may need, including car lockout services, key extractions, key duplications, key cutting, and more. We understand that getting locked out of your call can be scary and stressful. The next time you get locked out of your car, give us a call and we’ll get you back into your car quickly and without causing any damage to your locks.


Emergency Locksmith Services

Have you been locked out of your home, business, or car? Did you lose your keys? Did your keys get stuck in a lock? If any of these situations apply to you, don’t take any risks—call an emergency locksmith San Jose. Real Time Locksmith offers 24/7 emergency lockout services. Remember that lockouts aren’t the only situation that’s considered an emergency; anything that puts you, your family, or employees at risk requires the proper locksmith services ASAP. That’s why our 24/7 emergency services extend to key cutting, broken key extractions, rekeying services, and more. 

You never know when you’re going to need a locksmith next. Unfortunately, a situation that calls for a Locksmith San Jose can occur at any point in time. Thankfully, Real Time Locksmith can get you out of all lock-related dilemmas. Whether you need residential, commercial, automotive, or emergency services, give us a call. Save our contact on your phone today.

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