Window Lock Repair Services in Campbell, CA

While homeowners are more likely to overlook broken window locks than broken door locks, working window locks are vital since they prevent burglars from breaking into your home. If your windows aren’t locking properly, you will need to call a locksmith who performs repair services for window locks Campbell, CA. This article will explain the window lock repair process and why you should call a professional locksmith for window lock repair services.


Types of Windows

Before repairing your window locks, a residential locksmith will need to determine what type of window you have and which locks they use. If you already know what type of windows you have, you can let your locksmith know over the phone. Below are the different types of windows:


Single-Hung Windows

Because they are so affordable, single-hung windows are one of the most popular types of windows. The lower panel of a single-hung window opens vertically, while the upper panel remains in place. When the lower panel is open, it blocks the upper panel.


Double-Hung Windows

The difference between single and double-hung windows is that double-hung windows allow you to open both window panels. These windows are also on the more expensive side, but provide more airflow and ventilation.


Casement Windows


Casement windows are hinged along one side and open horizontally on the other side of the hinge. Casement windows are appealing since they allow maximum ventilation.


Awning Windows

Awning windows are one of the most expensive window options and are rarely used. These windows are hinged at the top of the panel and swing outward when opened.


Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, which glide horizontally to open, are a natural favorite among homeowners. Sliding windows come in single and double sliding options; the single allows you to open your window in only one direction, while the double allows you to move your window in both directions. 


Types of Window Locks

Window locks are available in a variety of styles. Although, you can’t just install any window lock on any window. So, if you need to get your window locks replaced, you will need a residential locksmith to first inspect your windows and let you know which window locks Campbell, CA you can choose.


Keyed Locks

Keyed locks are one of the most popular types of window locks. They typically work best with double-hung windows and can only be operated when the proper key is inserted. If you decide that you want to install keyed locks on your windows, be careful not to make too many copies of your keys so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.


Sliding Locks

Sliding locks are used in the track of sliding windows to prevent them from opening. For added protection, some homeowners choose to use keyed locks in conjunction with sliding locks.


Folding Latch Locks

Folding latch locks are commonly used on casement and awning windows. This lock allows you to partially open the window while the lock is engaged. To lock a folding latch lock, you simply fold the lock down. While pulling the latch up and unfolding it, opens the window.


Lag Screw Locks

Lag screw locks are a great option for homeowners that are on a budget. Installing lag screws is a simple process that any locksmith can carry out. A residential locksmith will drill holes into both sides of the window sash and then insert screws with recessed washers. Lag screw locks can be opened or closed by tightening or loosening the lock with a special key. 


Window Latch Locks

Window latch locks are the most common type of window lock and are mostly used on single and double-hung windows. Because latch locks are the most basic of locks, we recommend that you reinforce them with additional locks.


Latch locks are placed on the top of the window sash to secure the two panels together when they’re both closed. If you have a double-hung window, you’ll be able to operate both panels when the window is unlocked.


Window Lock Repair Process

All window lock repair processes are similar for the most part, but differ slightly depending on the type of window. In order for a locksmith to repair window locks Campbell, CA, the type of window and lock will need to be determined. Next, the problem will be diagnosed. The lock may be rusted, need to be cleaned, bent out of shape, or in the case of a sliding window, something may be blocking the track. A reputable locksmith will always try to repair your locks before replacing them. If your lock is dirty or rusty, they will clean the lock and will make minor repairs if necessary. If the lock is too damaged, however, the lock will need to be replaced. Replacing your window lock should be simple with the assistance of a residential locksmith.


Call Real Time Locksmith for Window Lock Repairs in Campbell

Window lock repairs should always be done by experienced locksmiths. This is because locksmiths understand the process and will be able to take the appropriate steps. If you’re looking for a repair service for your window locks Campbell, CA, reach out to Real Time Locksmith. Real Time Locksmith values your safety and security and takes broken window locks very seriously. We will head over to you immediately and make the necessary repairs or replacements without causing any damage to your windows and home!

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