DIY vs. Professional Key Fob Programming

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While purchasing a key fob from a retail store or online is not too difficult, programming it by yourself is extremely challenging. Even if you have the option of programming your key fob (which we will go over in more detail later), you may run into several issues while programming it. Without the help of a […]

I lost my car keys! What do I do?

lost car keys

Lost my Land Rover car key, what to do? Can’t find your Land Rover car key? That’s a problem—but we know how to fix it. If you’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found the key, there are a few options you can pursue. Is there a spare somewhere? Perhaps you have one tucked away for just […]

What Does an Automotive Locksmith Do?

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Automotive Locksmiths are some of the most underrated modern-day heroes. Every day countless amounts of people are saved in different circumstances where they’ve locked themselves out of their car. Automotive locksmiths are just like commercial and residential locksmiths in the sense that they deal with locks and keys—only for automotives, such as cars and other […]