Lost my Land Rover car key, what to do?

Can’t find your Land Rover car key? That’s a problem—but we know how to fix it. If you’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found the key, there are a few options you can pursue. Is there a spare somewhere? Perhaps you have one tucked away for just such a situation.

If your car is new, you may also consider going to the dealership to get a new key cut. Please remember, it could take days to get a new key cut, especially if you need to replace a remote fob (which is common with newer vehicle models).

Of course, you can always call a quality locksmith like Real Time Locksmith. Being one of the top locksmiths in the South Bay Area, we provide top-of-the-line Land Rover car key replacement and key cutting services to help you out of any bind.


Lost my Dodge car key, what to do?

Dodge stuck in the parking lot because you can’t find your car keys? We understand how stressful it can be. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions. For starters, re-trace your steps to see if you left your car keys in an obvious spot. You could also check around for a spare or see if someone living with you has one. It is an excellent solution for the short term, but you still may want duplicate key.

In that case, it’s best to go to a locksmith such as Real Time Locksmith. We can replace your dodge lost car key, no matter whether it’s a remote key fob or a standard transponder key (the physical key with a chip on the inside). Simply provide the make and model of your vehicle, your car’s registration and identification numbers, your state-issued ID, and your location, and our locksmiths can help you in real-time anywhere in the San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Campbell areas!


Lost my Mitsubishi car key, what to do?

Don’t worry—it happens. Luckily, getting your Mitsubishi going again is as simple as a phone call. If you can’t find your key (or a spare), you may consider simply calling or visiting your local Mitsubishi dealership to have them cut a new one for you.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you do. For starters, understand that delivery times for Mitsubishi car key-replacement at dealerships can take up to three days on average. Specifically, wait-times depend on whether you have a physical copy to run with or whether the dealership must start from scratch, getting you your new key. Wait times can also drag for electronic key replacement.

For this reason, we recommend going with a locksmith. With a quality locksmith such as Real Time Locksmith, you can get your replacement key in as little as 30 minutes if you live in Santa Clara County.


Lost my Bentley car key, what to do?

Need to get somewhere but can’t locate the key to your Bentley? There’s no reason to panic. There are some quick steps you can take to get a new car key in no time. First, you’ll want to identify what type of key it is that you’ve lost. Have you misplaced the entire key fob (the electronic locking system that comes with all newer car models?) or just the physical key itself? What you lost will determine your next step and what services you require from your dealership/locksmith.

Once you’ve determined what key needs to be replaced, you can pursue one of two routes: getting a Bentley car key replacement from your dealership or a trusted locksmith. We recommend the second option, which offers timelier key-replacement services. It is especially true at Real Time Locksmith, where we can get new keys for Santa Clara County residents in as little as 30 minutes.


Lost my Chrysler car key, what to do?

Ready to get that Chrysler rolling but don’t know what happened to your key? Consider re-tracing your steps and checking unusual places before panicking. At the very least, you may have a remote key fob that can keep your car safe and locked until a replacement key can be made.

Depending on the car model, you will have to determine what type of key to replace: a physical key or an integrated remote fob and key. You can replace both at either your local dealership or at a locksmith. Typically, dealerships offer delayed key cutting services that can take up to three days. By contacting Real Time Locksmith, you can get your Chrysler replacement key in as little as 30 minutes! Be sure to contact us if you’re in the South Bay Area.


Lost my Jaguar car key, what to do?

Jaguars don’t move very fast when you can’t put them in the drive. Fortunately, you can quickly get back to full speed by following any one of the following steps. It’s always best to check for a spare key first—this is an excellent short-term option at the very least. If you don’t have one, consider going to the dealership or a trusted locksmith to get a replacement made.

Jaguar car Key replacement at dealerships can take anywhere between eight hours and three days—not exactly ideal if you’ve got somewhere to be. Fortunately, Real Time Locksmith offers—you guessed it—real-time locksmith services that will get you that replacement key made on-site in as little as 30 minutes! How’s that for efficient? Contact us if you’re in the Campbell, Morgan Hill, or San Jose areas!


Lost my Volvo car key, what to do?

Without your keys, your Volvo is a no-go. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to misplace or lose your car keys forever. The good news is that getting a replacement set is cheaper and quicker than you think—especially if you go to the right places.

If your Volvo is new, it likely operates on a remote key fob. You may not have a traditional key (or transponder key) altogether. If this is the case, both your dealership and a locksmith such as Real Time Locksmith can still help you—but understand that Volvo car key replacement for remote fob options come at a steeper price than traditional keys.

You may not have to worry about this on older models. If you’re not sure, be sure to contact Real Time Locksmith, the leader in key cutting and replacement in the South Bay Area!


Lost my Fiat car key, what to do?

Losing your car keys can make you feel stranded. However, if you can’t find the keys to your Fiat, there’s no reason to panic. As it turns out, there are multiple means of getting back on the road.

Do you share the car with someone else? Chances are they have another copy. You may even have a spare lying around somewhere. Of course, you won’t want to use their keys forever, so you’ll ultimately need to shell out some cash on fiat car key-replacement services.

How much you spend will depend on the type of key you use (and lost). Standard transponder keys (what you think of when you hear the word “key”) are incredibly cheap to replace and can be cut within minutes. If you lost a remote key, expect to undergo longer wait times and pay a higher price. No matter what, you can expect Real Time Locksmith to offer cutting-edge prices in Santa Clara County!


Lost my Acura car key, what to do?

Want to take your Acura for a spin but can’t find your keys? If your searches turn up nothing but loose change under your couch cushions, it may be time for a acura car key replacement set. Fortunately, getting a replacement set of keys for your Acura is quick and easy—no matter what model you have.

First, you’ll want to identify the make and model of your car. Whether you’re contacting your dealer or a locksmith, you need to provide this information, along with the vehicle identification number, so the technicians can provide you with a new key (whether it’s electronic or physical). Typically, you can expect lower prices and shorter wait times by visiting a locksmith.

Real Time Locksmith can get you your new key in as little as half an hour if you live in San Jose, Morgan Hill, or Campbell. Be sure to check us out if you want to stay on schedule!


Lost my GMC key, what to do?

You’ve got the GMC fueled up and ready to go—but you can’t find the key. If your exhaustive search for your car keys has proven fruitless, you may need to resort to other measures to get back on the road. There are multiple options you can choose from.

Whether you drive a classic or a new model, you can get a gmc car key replacement key from a dealership or locksmith by providing the experts with the necessary registration and model information. Most locations can handle crafting both electronic and traditional key options. They can even update your locking system, so you don’t have to shell out tons of cash changing locks.

Real Time Locksmith offers affordable, timely locksmith services in the South Bay Area. From key programming to auto key making, we do it all to make sure you stay on the road.


Lost my Maserati car key, what to do?

One thing’s for sure: when it comes to your Maserati, you don’t want to be on the outside looking in. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to misplace a car key, especially if you’re prone to that sort of thing. If you’ve lost the key, you’ll want to know exactly what to do to get back behind the wheel.

It’s relatively easy. Assuming you don’t have a spare key (and can’t find someone who does), there are still options at your disposal. You could go the old-fashioned way and call the dealership for their Maserati key-replacement services. If you don’t have three days to wait, however, we recommend contacting Real Time Locksmith! We can cut your key in as little as 30 minutes to get your back on the road without delay.


Lost my Kia car key, what to do?

You’ve got somewhere to be, and you can’t find your car keys. Too bad your Kia can’t drive itself. Still, there are some things you can do to get back on the road in no time at all. Start with the obvious by looking for your keys, the last place you remember them, and then in unusual places if you have to.

If you can’t find them still (and don’t have a spare), prepare some information before contacting your dealership. By providing the make/model of your vehicle and the necessary identification numbers, you allow the technicians to make any kind of key you need (physical or remote)—even if you don’t have a copy to show them!

With Real Time Locksmith, key cutting and replacement in San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Campbell is quick and painless. We will cancel out your old keys and get you a new one within minutes for heightened security and convenience!


Lost my Mercedes car key, what to do?

With top-of-the-line security, no one can get into your Mercedes. Unfortunately, neither can you without your keys. If you misplaced the key, it could be a hassle trying to find it. Luckily, you don’t have to. If your Mercedes key is gone with the wind, there are still some things you can do to get back on the road in short order.

By contacting your dealership or a locksmith (we recommend the latter), you can get a new Mercedes car key replacement in a matter of minutes. Real Time Locksmith can get you a new traditional key or electronic key fob in under an hour. And don’t worry—you won’t have to change out your locks. If your car is new, we can reconfigure the existing lock system or disable out your old remote fob. It’s time to get back behind the wheel as quickly as possible in Santa Clara County.


Lost my Cadillac car key, what to do?

There’s nothing more precious than your Cadillac—that’s why you want to get a car replacement key quickly if you lose your current one. If you don’t know where the key is, there are some steps you can take to be on the road again in short order.

For starters, we recommend looking for a spare key—it’s quite possible that you got two from the dealership when you first bought the car. However, if you don’t have the spare key, there are still some quick ways to get back in the driver’s seat.

Namely, you can either call the dealership to ask for them to cut a key, or go to Real Time Locksmith, a premier locksmith destination that services Campbell, Morgan Hill, and San Jose. We will cut you a replacement key in real-time so that you can be back on the road immediately.


Lost my Saab car key, what to do?

Lost your Saab key and not sure what to do? If you’ve already exhausted yourself looking, it’s time to take a deep breath. You can still be behind the wheel in no time—even if you don’t have a spare!

Here’s the good news: you can get a Saab replacement key made even if you don’t have one for the dealership or locksmith to copy! The technicians will instead use your vehicle registration and identification numbers to craft a new key, whether that be remote or more traditional. Keep in mind that how much you pay and how long you will have to wait will depend on the type of key you need replaced. Fortunately, Real Time Locksmith can get you your new key—remote or transponder—at low rates and in record times!


Lock my keys in the car what to do?

So you’ve locked your keys in the car. No need to panic (or break your window)! It’s more common than you think. At Real Time Locksmith, we’ve helped thousands of clients in Santa Clara County get back into their locked vehicles. We can get you back on the road in no time at all, helping you stay on schedule. What’s more, we will do this at a price that won’t set you back. Mistakes happen to everyone, after all!

But key cutting and key replacement are just a couple of services we provided to the great people of Campbell, Morgan Hill, and San Jose. Real Time Locksmith also provides top-notch key programming that will help you no matter your locksmith needs.

In need of a quality locksmith in the South Bay Area? Give us a call or see us in person today!


Lost my Mazda car key, what to do?

Mazda owners, have you ever found yourself in the dreadful situation of trying to break into your car? We all have experienced this exact situation. Most commonly, in these instances, you are recommended by family members to visit your closest hardware store. Only to be told upon arrival that the key can’t be recreated through their machine. Most people are unaware that hardware stores’ key machines are programmed to work with car keys found on older models or cars without computers only.

It is burdensome when you have traveled to the store and are sent away with no results. Our locksmith company in the South Bay area provides the solutions we know you need. We understand how frustrating this process can be. If you need professional assistance, please contact us, and we will create a Mazda key replacement for you in as little as 30 minutes.


Lost my Subaru car key, what to do?

Subaru’s are some of the most popular vehicles in the United States. Despite this fact, if you find yourself locked out of your car, there are hardly any options to retrieve your key fob. You can choose between towing your car or ordering a new key online.

If you decide to tow your vehicle, depending on how far of a journey you were on, you may be deciding on an option that can be very costly. And waiting for a new Subaru key to ship in the mail is something nobody has time to do. Our Subaru key-replacement company, Real Time Locksmith, works efficiently. Our replacement keys are designed to fit your Subaru and are guaranteed to be ready on the spot; you will not have to waste time waiting on us.


Lost my Porsche key, what to do?

Any Porsche owner or car enthusiast knows the brand is luxury. You think the luxury MSRP would include the key protection, but this is not the case for all models. You are unable to control when the key battery dies or if it is somehow misplaced. Therefore, you should not have to pay the price when it goes missing.

Finding a ride to your local dealership can be disheartening. Learning how much the new fob will cost you is ridiculous. We have the perfect solution for you. We are a key programming company servicing San Jose, Campbell, and Morgan Hill. Our key manufacturing is easily accessible and affordable because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay a big buck when your key goes missing.


Lost my Hyundai key, what to do?

Hyundai is a car company having a key program warranty on their newer model vehicles. This warranty is helpful when you are in the circumstance of losing your keys. Although it may sound like the best option, this program has many faults. For instance, this incentive exclusively offered on newer models with computers. Vehicles without computers will not receive these same advantages. Hyundai advertises that no money is required as a down-payment when you are ordering a Hyundai replacement key. However, the reality is that you will be paying for your new key for months after purchasing it. At our auto locksmith shop, we do not believe in monthly payments; a key should not be something that requires financing. Our keys are affordable, and your first payment will be your last.


Lost my Mini key, what to do?

Mini Coopers are great until you are unable to find your key. Did you know to receive a new key specialized for your vehicle, you must travel to a certified Mini Cooper shop? Not only that, when you arrive at the directed business, you must provide an immense amount of information before you can even have your spare key created. The process has valuable time wasted.

Our mission is to give you your hard-earned time back. We are an auto key maker company, and we believe in the fast delivery of our product. When you arrive at our shop or call our mobile services, you will immediately be make a Mini car key replacement cvs specific to your vehicle. Our business believes that you should not have to provide heaps of paperwork to unlock your car when you are in a time of need.


Lost my Infiniti key, what to do?

Lock N More, Infiniti’s solution to missing key fobs is rather lackluster. This incentive is offered to modern models from the brand and only covers cars that are a part of the arrangement. Excluding older cars from saving cash! If you have ever Infiniti replaced a key, you know ones that have chips in them are exceedingly more expensive than any everyday house key. Prices are raised even more when you go to a dealership. Here is how we come into play.

Our establishment crafts transponder keys that are cost-efficient. Our locksmith business caters to any model or year. We do this because we aim to genuinely help our customers to the best of our ability when they are in demand for assistance. Unlike other companies, we do not raise the price of keys made with security chips.


Lost my Jeep key, what to do?

Nearly every citizen in the United States owns a Jeep or knows someone who owns one. This brand of cars is prevalent but still has a problem many car owners have faced in their lifetime- getting locked out. Getting locked out of your vehicle is never fun and is filled with stress.

When you find yourself in this predicament, you have two options ahead of you. You can either attempt to replace your Jeep car key or go to the dealership. Fabrication of a key when you are inexperienced is never a good idea because there is too much room for error. In addition to human error, the opposing option of buying from dealerships feels very unsafe because they give you used keys. Our lock cutting company is offering a new solution. We specialize in curating keys for your vehicle. At our facility, you do not have to worry about getting someone’s old key, or welding your own. We do all the work for you to ensure you can return home and easily access your ride.


Locked out of my house, what to do?

Getting locked out of your house is a frightening experience, especially if you do not have a hidden spare key. Your options are incredibly limited if the person locked out is a child because they are unable to drive to get help. Therefore, they must wait until their parents return home, which could be hours. As an adult, the situation is less worrisome and more of an annoyance. If you find yourself locked out, you must drive to your local hardware store and hope their key machine will be able to fabricate you a match. If they are unable to provide you with a replacement key, you must wait for someone with a spare to come to your aid, or call us!

Our company, Real Time Locksmith has an extraordinary service known as “ASAP Home Lockout,” a service created for those times where you find yourself waiting for help. We will send out our locksmithing professional to help you get into your home. This service is immediate and inexpensive. We care about the safety of our customers and help you to be comfortable in your home only minutes after arriving at the property.


Door knob lock change/replace, what to do?

When it is time to replace your doorknobs, you want to be sure you are choosing the safest option for your family. And your options are typically limited to buying a package of knobs from your local store. This method is unsafe because anyone can recreate your key pattern if they also decide to purchase the same doorknobs.

The doorknob services we offer in San Jose were started in mind to fix this unreliable method many people are left to choose. We are a locksmithing company that has a team of expert professionals. Our services include doorknob repair and installation. Unlike the knobs you may find at your local hardware store, ours come in 3 different grades. The grades range from 1-3 and are rated based on security, material, and functionality. All of our door handles are safer than our competitors. However, our experts like to provide our customers with additional comfort when they are deciding to replace their handles.


Deadbolt lock replace/change, what to do?

Deadbolts are crucial to a dependable lock system. However, they sometimes require to be changed out or need repair. There are very few companies that are willing to take on the task of fixing a deadbolt lock because the mechanisms involved are intricate. These locks are one thing, in particular, you do not want to get them repaired incorrectly. Our team of seasoned experts is fully capable and trained to handle these locks. We are in the South Bay area, and we offer complete repair and replacement on deadbolts. We offer three different types of deadbolt locks, including a keyless model that uses a keypad to release the lock. Typically, the only thing that can free a deadlock is a key. Our company is devoted to implementing new-age technology in our safety measures. We ensure that if you call on our company to assist you with your deadbolt locks, you will receive the utmost amount of security.


Need to replace/change  my key, what to do?

A functioning house key is importunate to a cautious home. When you move into a house that was previously owned by someone else, you should always rekey your lock immediately after closing on the property. When looking to replace a key you must realize you will be replacing much more than just a singular key. The process is stressful and costly.

Certain stores offer bundles of keys or have key cutters to shape your desired key, but this still feels questionable. Our key cutting company is here to reassure you when you are looking for a replacement key. Not only will you receive a hand-created key, but our specialists will also rekey your house locks. The process seems challenging to customers but is performed with ease by our key masters. They work by replacing all of the pins, springs, and tumblers in your lock to guarantee your new key is the only one that can open your doors.

Our services bring our customers great comfort in knowing they have a one-of-a-kind way to open their homes.


Lost my Toyota car key what to do?

Toyota offers a unique service called the Toyota KeyFinder App. When the app is activated, the Toyota Key Fob will issue a distinct sound to help you find your keys, as long as they are within the Bluetooth device’s range. Contact your Toyota Dealer to get an appointment to register your vehicle’s KeyFinder service. Parts and service fees may apply.

Our trained locksmiths will be able to help you gain access to your vehicle, create a replacement of your missing Toyota car key, and even flash the ECU on older Toyota models for a fraction of the cost that most dealers will charge, in a fraction of the time. Toyota has distinct keys for several of its models (D, G, and H, to list a few). We will be able to determine which key you need and make it for you quickly, without placing a costly order and waiting for shipment.


Lost my Ford car key what can I do?

Intelligent Access (IA) is the patented technology Ford uses for their key fobs. In the case of a lost key, contacting your Ford dealership will allow them to determine which Intelligent Access key is needed for your vehicle. You will also need new integrated keyhead transmitters. Depending on the year and model of your Ford vehicle, the key replacement will cost between $160 and $450 and take up to 5 to 7 business days to arrive.

Ford does not maintain records on keys for vehicles that are more than ten years old. This means that even if your vehicle key has a fob or transponder, your only option is to use a professional locksmith to cut you a new key. A locksmith will always have the tools and technology on-hand to replace your lost Ford car or truck key.


Lost my BMW car key, what to do?

If you have lost your BMW car key, your dealer can help you to replace it with the provision of the following information from you: your vehicle’s 17 character Vehicle Identification Number, your license, the vehicle title, and your vehicle registration. Submit this information to a licensed BMW dealer along with the applicable fees (between $150 and $650) and they will order and send you a new key in the mail. BMW will only allow you to replace your lost car key up to nine times before they will require you to replace your engine control unit (at a cost of around $5000)  in order to get a new one.

Although BMW suggests only using their dealers to replace lost keys at great time and expense to the consumer, a professional locksmith can usually reprogram a new key and fob on-site and for a fraction of the cost of BMW service.


Lost my Honda car key, what to do?

Programming a new replacement key for a Honda costs between $120 and $350 and can be done in a few hours if the key for your specific vehicle is available in the dealership’s stock on-site. However, if your vehicle’s key is not in stock, the dealer will place an order that will take anywhere from two to five business days to arrive. The dealer will contact you when your key has arrived and then program it for you. There may be additional fees for order processing, shipping, and handling. If you need your key as quickly as possible, there will be an express delivery fee for shipping in 1-2 business days.

A professional locksmith will have most Honda Remote Transponder, Sidewinder, and First Gen Transponder keys in-stock and ready to cut and/or program while you wait. Unlike a dealership, it is to the locksmith’s advantage to provide quality service to as many customers as possible, rather than offering very pricey service to just a few customers with the time to wait. Hondas are very popular vehicles and a professional locksmith will almost always be ready to provide service for them.


Lost my Nissan car key, what to do?

The Nissan Intelligent Key offers a variety of security features for its users and Nissan has a special insurance program called Security+ that will get the customer a new key if theirs is lost or destroyed for no additional cost. Unfortunately, Nissan does not indicate how long it will take to get the new key in and 5-7 business days is standard. Nissan owners must also own two fobs in order to qualify for this program, which means that, in addition to the $60 per month, they must also purchase an additional fob at the time of vehicle purchase for around $400.

A replacement Nissan key fob purchased from a professional locksmith costs around $75 and can be programmed for your vehicle on-site for a small fee. Most locksmiths usually keep these fobs in stock or can get them within 24 hours.


Lost my Audi car key, what to do?

First, visit the Audi or Volkswagen website to see if you qualify for a free Audi car key replacement  as a part of the class-action lawsuit settlement.

An Audi or Volkswagen dealer will be able to replace and reprogram your key for between $280 and $550. You will have to provide a valid driver’s license, insurance documents, Vehicle Identification Number, and vehicle registration in order to receive your replacement key which will arrive at the dealership within 5-10 business days.

You can order a fob yourself, online for about $60 and a professional locksmith can reprogram it for you for a small service fee.


Lost my Chevrolet car key, what to do?

For popular brands like Chevy, many online mail services are available to order replacement keys through quickly. An express ordering service can save a bit of money and time in comparison to a dealership and will take about 2-3 business and errors can take substantially longer to correct.

Towing your vehicle to the dealership is always an option where a Chevrolet replacement key will cost between $80 and $400 to replace if they have your key in -stock.

A professional locksmith will have a variety of Chevy keys in stock and can have you ready to drive again in no time.


Lost my Lexus car key, what to do?

A replacement Lexus key costs between $275 and $500 and requires all of the verification documents necessary to prove ownership of the vehicle.

Lexus also offers a key protection program that will allow you to get a key replacement for a monthly fee.

Mobile locksmith services can bring a new Lexus fob to your location, enter your vehicle, and reprogram a new key for you while you wait for a price substantially less than your local dealership and without any of the branded restrictions.

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