4 Reasons You Should Have an Intercom Installed in Your Home

An intercom is a device that is used for one-way or two-way communications. This device transmits and receives audio or video transmissions, depending on which system you choose to have installed. Audio intercoms work as a telephone—you can communicate with your visitor back and forth using the intercom. Whereas video intercoms allow you to have one-way access so you can monitor who can gain access to your property. Today, intercom systems have become increasingly more common in private homes since they have become nearly effortless to install wirelessly, and are way more affordable!  Here are four significant reasons why you should have an intercom system installed in your home today.


Safety and Security

The most popular reasons for getting an intercom installed are for safety and security. Intercoms are crucial for home safety. Even if you’re living in one of the safest neighborhoods it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions. You no longer need to risk the safety of your family with an intercom! An intercom will allow you to verify the identity of a visitor before you open the door, giving you the ability to either allow people in or turn them away. That way you can avoid any unwanted guests and keep your family safe. 


In the event that you’re away from home for a long period of time, a video intercom can be useful for keeping your home safe and secure by lessening the chance of a home invasion. If an unfortunate incident does occur while you’re away, insurance companies would be more willing to give discounts to people who take extra security measures.


Easy Communication

Is it dinner time and you want to call your family members but they’re on the other side of the house? With an intercom, there’s no need to yell at the top of your lungs to get the attention of your family when you can instantly communicate with them with just a push of a button! This is advantageous whether your house is big or small, making the environment in your house more peaceful while making life much simpler. If there ever happens to be a home or family emergency, intercoms are extremely helpful for gathering everyone together quickly and efficiently. 



On top of the security features and having the ability to communicate with your family members easily, home intercom systems are also extremely convenient. You can check visitors remotely without having to get up and look through the peephole or window. This is an accommodating feature if you’re in another room in the house and nowhere near the front door. Intercom systems are extremely easy to use and reliable. If you happen to have an elderly or sickly family member living with you, they can use the intercom to communicate with ease right from their bed.



Not only can you use a home intercom system to monitor those outside of your home but you can monitor those inside your home as well. This feature is extremely helpful for parents that have young kids or babies, kids with special needs, or elderly parents living with them in their home. These audio systems can be turned on in the room that your child is in so you can hear them or see them (if you have a video intercom) without having to constantly physically check up on them or lug around a portable monitoring device.


Need Help Getting an Intercom Installed?

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