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Locked out of your home in San Jose? Broke your key? San Jose locksmith to the rescue. Fast and affordable. Call Today 669-216-7600Homeowners don’t often give much thought to the locks that are a part of their home. This is of course until one breaks, needs to be replaced, or they lose their keys. The aforementioned scenarios are more common than one might think though having a trusted locksmith at your side when one such occurrence actually happens can make an otherwise stressful and sometimes scary situation seem mundane and a bit routine. This is because locksmiths possess both the knowledge and the tools necessary to install, subvert, and repair existing locks with relative ease. At Real Time Locksmith we not only aim to please and exceed our customers expectations but we want everyone we assist to have peace of mind knowing that their lock related issues are merely temporary and will be resolved shortly. It matters not whether a homeowner is locked out of their home, has lost their keys, needs their new home re-keyed, or they want to secure their property with security equipment, we can help.

San Jose Residential Locksmith Services

Home Lockouts

Keys are sometimes misplaced or forgotten, keys often break, and locks malfunctioning is hardly unheard of. In situations such as these homeowners may find themselves locked out of their own homes. Not everyone has spare keys either so this can be quite a frustrating and often frightening experience. Real Time Locksmith is only a phone call away however and we respond within minutes of contact…regardless of what time of day it is. Our emergency services cover the entire clock, the entire week, and are available year round. We can bypass or repair any type of lock in order to grant you entry into your home. We also cut new keys on the job site so that our customers have not only a new set but spares as well. We can also reprogram high tech residential locks in the event that a compromise is keeping our customers out of their home.

Lock Installation

Real Time Locksmith installs traditional key locks, keypads, key card systems, and even master key systems at residences. Our technicians can add new deadbolts to entryways and even install locks inside of home for added security. We also install safes and high tech locks for those homeowners interested in the ultimate in security.

Lock Repair

When locks fail, malfunction, or break they’ll require repair. San Jose Locksmith repairs all manner of locks and does so quickly. We are able to not only restore traditional locks but can also reprogram modern locks on the spot. In the event that a lock is deemed irreparable we can also replace them.

Lock Replacement

While we first make every attempt to repair the locks we see, there are times where a lock is damaged or worn to the point of necessitating replacement. Homeowners might believe they’ll have to wait for a locksmith to return to their home with equipment but this isn’t the case with Real Time Locksmith. We come to every residential job prepared to replace all manner and types of locks. While some locks require more time when being replaced, our technicians can complete the majority of jobs rather quickly and without issue. We’ll replace your broken, worn, and compromised locks with new ones and cut you new keys on site as well.

Surveillance Equipment

One could be forgiven for believing that locksmiths only ever install surveillance/security equipment at commercial buildings. In reality, Real Time Locksmith installs systems such as closed circuit television at homes all over the San Jose area. Some homeowners require this added security in order to protect their property, privacy, and families. Not only do we install these types of systems at residences but we repair and upgrade them as well.

Window Locks

With so much emphasis put on traditional door locks, window locks are often completely and sadly overlooked. No matter how much security you have guarding your front and back doors, disreputable persons can always subvert this by utilizing windows to gain access to your home, your family, and it’s property. Window locks bolster your home’s security and make it safer than it would be with just a deadbolt at your front door. Real Time Locksmith can install a variety of window locks at your home. Our locksmiths are adept at working with many different types of windows and can help you significantly tighten security up around your home.

Home Safes

A family’s most valued possessions are often kept in a home safe. Real Time Locksmith can install, open, and even repair home safes so as to ensure you both have access to and can protect your possessions from wrong doers. The safes we work with range from the very simple combo type to the much more sophisticated electronic models.

New Home Re-keys

Moving into a new home can be exciting but it’s important not to be too hasty in moving and first ensure that your new home has new locks to match. Real Time Locksmith can re-key your home at an affordable price and do so very quickly so that your home is ready when you arrive. Re-keying your new home renders all previous owners and visitors keys useless and is the first step in securing your family, home, and your possessions.

Why San Jose Residential Locksmith Services?

Real Time Locksmith has been servicing the San Jose area for over a decade and we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction above all else. Through integrity, a quick response time, free quotes, superior results, and unparalleled customer service we work to provide our customers with the peace of mind they need. We understand that the security of our customers homes is paramount and we approach every residential locksmith job with the same care we would our own home. San Jose’s most trusted and reliable locksmith is no more than a phone call away.

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