Locksmith in Los Altos, CA

An affordable locksmith in Los Altos, CA

Having a reliable lock and key expert calls for both skill and service value of your money. Most of the providers will reap you off hundreds of dollars for a mere car key duplication. Even worse, is when you call your car dealer for car key replacement services. You will most likely pay over $450.

Having a local locksmith in Los Altos, CA is the way to go. Being in the industry for decades now, we understand the in and out of every lock issue. Calling us for any key duplication, lock change, ignition repair, residential re-key or any other service will not cost an arm and a leg. We are your best locksmith in San Jose for services including but not limited to;

Key cutting
How to become a locksmith in San Jose
  • Residential re-key service
  • door lock replacement
  • commercial lock repair and installation
  • Auto-lock and key repair

Residential locksmith services

Your home is where you reside after long days of work to relax. It is also where you store all your possessions and where you raise your family. All these are reasons why you need to keep your home secure all the times. To achieve this, you need help from a home lock and key expert. We need a locksmith for the following our homes;

Rekeying services

Rekeying is the cheapest way to ensure that you uphold the security of your place when you move to a new home. You do not want the previous tenants to have access to your place still. Instead of replacing the locks, you can replace the inner tumblers of the locks so that the locks will use a different key. This what rekeying entails. Also, this is a solution when your locks are faulty.

Replacing your door locks

When your locks are faulty, it becomes easy for someone to break in. You, therefore, want to ensure that your locks are functioning correctly at all times. Residential locksmiths can help you with new lock installation. This will help you keep away intruders and ensure you are secure.

Broken key replacement and duplication

Professionals also help to remove keys that break into the locks. Keys break when they wear out and not replaced in time. These professionals will offer you affordable key cutting and depiction services.

Commercial lock and key repair.

commercial locksmith Los Altos, CA
A reliable commercial door lock. Our locksmith inspects both the inside and outer knobs.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your premises and clients documents are safe at all times. Otherwise, you will end up losing your livelihood and your clients. That is why it is essential to partner with a commercial locksmith who can offer you quality security solutions. this will protect your premises from intruders as well as make the place safe for all your employees. These experts will configure access control systems to keep away unauthorized people from getting access to your premises. Also, they can install the master key system which will enable you to access all the offices with one key. This brings convenience as you do not have to carry around a bunch of keys and also help to limit access to all restricted areas. Commercial locksmiths also will install high-security locks, surveillance systems, and perform other security upgrades to keep your place secure. All you need is to choose a reliable and trustworthy partner and keep your business running.

Automotive locksmith in Los Altos, CA

When you lose your car key, going to a car dealership is the last thing you want. They are always expensive, and the services are sometimes not equivalent to the money you pay. Depending on a local mobile auto locksmith in Los Altos, CA is cheap. You will not have to pay for towing services. They will bring the services at your footstep. With a professional locksmith, car key replacement and programming services should be fast. They have proper machines that will cut new keys in minutes and program them speedily to get you back on the road. Also, car key duplication is another car key related services. With the advance in cars tech to increase their security, duplicating a car key is not a walk in the park. It requires reprograming all the keys you have. Otherwise, your new key will not work.

Automotive lock services also involve repair of the ignition cylinder and car door locks. A skillful locksmith is always able to assess the problem and bring workable solutions efficiently. Besides, when you are lockout of your car, call an auto pro to help you open your vehicle. They have the expertise to do so without causing any damage.

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