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Even though locks and keys provided the very much needed security and safety, there are hundreds of locksmith issues in Los Gatos that face us every day.

Whether it is a high-security system in your car, security locks in your office, or even a jammed door lock at home, all these require professional attention.

We always receive calls from customers asking for professional lock repair, door lock re-key, or even commercial door lock service.

This day was not exclusive! Robert had just locked keys in the car.

“Hello there,” He called, “My name is Robert, and I would need your service.

I am  locked out of my car in the middle of the road, having locked my keys in the car.

There is no way I can retrieve the keys without breaking one of the windows, or extensively damaging one of the locks.”

“Thank you, Robert, for choosing us; we are glad to be of help to you.”

Our receptionist responded. “First, I would like to know what is your car model?”

“It is a Ford F150 year 2017.” He responded.

made him a new remote key
A customer had only a regular key, we made him a new remote key

“Thank you, Robert, we will easily solve the situation fast enough, and you will be hitting the road in less than 20 minutes.

We have just sent a technician to your aid.”

What are the services to enjoy?

  • Residential re-key
  • commercial lock and key installation
  • Ignition repair and installation
  • car key replacement in Los Gatos
  • Car key programming etc.

Residential lock re-key services

Keeping your family and property safe is the aim of every homeowner.

To achieve this, the services of residential locksmith in San Jose.

They will be able to advise you on the advanced security systems to install in your home.

These services include lock and key services, installation of access control systems, installation of master key system and intercom systems.

Relying on skillful and experienced professionals will ensure that the security systems are installed in a way that it is difficult to hack.

Commercial locksmith in Los Gatos, CA

Locking yourself in your office or business premise is a reason why you might need the services of a professional commercial lock and key technician.

This situation can leave you stranded and end up losing a lot of time, which would be valuable in the growth of your premises.

Having a reliable partner is what can get you out of such a situation.

A commercial professional should be one that you can trust with all that you on your premises.

One that can keep all the information confidential.

A professional should be able to offer services like high-security lock installation.

This is the most basic way of keeping your offices secure.

Also, he should have the skills to install security systems like surveillance cameras, alarm systems, fire, and smoke detectors.

Also, he should install other convenience systems like intercom systems and access control systems.

Automotive locksmith services

Ignition cylinder repair and replacement

Your car’s ignition may fail due to many reasons.

Worn out pin in the cylinder might cause a connection failure.

A faulty ignition switch may prompt a car’s engine not to crank.

Ignition problems call for the ignition lock or ignition lock cylinder repair or replacement, depending on how severe the damage is.

Automotive professionals are trained and skillful to assess the problem and make the right call for its restoration.

Car key extraction

A car key might get stuck in the locks or the ignition.

It could be that the key was on the verge of breaking is worn out.

Whatever the reason, an automotive locksmith in Los Gatos, CA can retrieve your stuck keys within no time.

They have techniques and tools that will make the process successful without causing any damage to your ignition or locks.

Transponder key programming in San Jose

asap car locksmith - Think Big.
Real-time car locksmith, just works!

Car key programming is essential for all transponder keys.

A transponder key possesses a chip that receives and sends messages to the vehicle.

If your car key is not programmed, the message sent from the car or the chip will not be received by the other.

Programming a transponder key connects the car key to the vehicle, and therefore any message sent is received.

Safe lockout services

As business owners, we all want to keep our clients’ documents secure at all times.

We ensure that they are at a place that is not easy to access and away from unauthorized personnel.

That is why we all embark on the installation safes.

With the growth in the case of robbery in business places, we all go for those safes with the most advanced security.

These safes are not easy to hack, making them ideal for keeping your valuables secure.

However, as convenient as they are, when we lose their combination, even the most professional technician cannot pick them.

More advanced solutions like wedging and prying will open the safe. Sometimes even breaking into them will be the only viable solution.

On such occasions, you need a professional who will assure you that the content in it is safe.

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