Locksmith in Miltipas, CA

Milpitas Locksmith Services

We’ve been providing the businesses, residents, and stranded automobile owners of Milpitas since year 1, and we’ve developed a reputation as the most reliable, cost-effective, and experienced locksmith service in the area. We also serve several surrounding cities and provide the same high-quality service to all of them!

Commercial Locksmith Services

The Milpitas area commercial sector relies on premium lock products and services to keep their businesses safe and secure against theft, unwanted visitors, and to enforce business hours. This important economic infrastructure needs the best to thrive confidently, and Real Time Locksmith can help. We have the professional, industry-leading team necessary to handle all your locksmith needs in the Milpitas commercial sector, and we provide our services at an affordable rate.

Here’s what Real Time Locksmith can do for your Milpitas business:

  • New Installation: Have you just had your new business establishment constructed, or have just purchased a property you intend to turn into a storefront or headquarters? If so, you need entirely new locks freshly installed to keep your business safe from intruders, thieves, and unwanted visitors. The team at Real Time Locksmiths specializes in complete installation services, and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to work with standard high-quality security locks, electrical locks, and more. If you need locks installed building-wide, Real Time Locksmith is your go-to source.
  • Lock Repair: Costly electric locks and security locks can fail, and when that happens, it can completely stop your productivity by endangering your company’s security and applying stress to you and your team. Real Time Locksmith is qualified to perform repairs on these complex locks, and we can do it in a timely and professional manner to ensure your workday goes unimpeded.
  • Re-Access: Losing access to a part of your business, or to the entrances to your business, can be catastrophic to your productivity and create lasting consequences. Luckily, we can help you regain access within minutes. If you’re locked out of your business, or a part of your business, we bypass the lock, and we can even offer supplementary services that prevent you from losing access to your business in the future.
  • Key Duplication and Cutting: Your business is your livelihood. Why only have one key to access it? Real Time Locksmith can create duplicate keys that reduce the need for re-access services, and we can even cut new keys in the event that you lose your original keys.
  • Safety Device Installation: You take the safety of your team and the general public seriously, and at Real Time Locksmith, we do, too. We can install safety release bars on all your company doors and entryways to ensure your team and visitors can exit the building quickly and safely in the event of a disaster.


Residential Locksmith Services:

We’re proud to help secure the homes and property of Milpitas area residents, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality services possible, and the longest list of services possible, to ensure the Milpitas area always has the locksmith services it deserves.

Here’s a list of how we can help you at your Milpitas home:

  • Installation: If you just moved to Milpitas, it’s important to have the locks on your beautiful new home replaced to prevent previous key owners from gaining access to your new property. It’s also imperative to have your locks changed when someone you no longer want in your home may still have a duplicate key.  Real Time Locksmith can install brand new locks across your entire home to guarantee your security and promote a safe home atmosphere for you and your family.
  • Re-Access: Losing access to your home is common, and in some cases it can be a very dangerous situation. Even in the best of circumstances, it’s time-consuming and frustrating to deal with. If you lose your keys or otherwise get locked out of your home, Real Time Locksmith can help by quickly bypassing the lock and helping you regain access. Our key duplication and cutting service supplements this service well.
  • Key Duplication and Cutting: It’s wise to have a spare key available to your home, and sometimes you need multiple keys to allow spouses, children or other trusted guests to enter your home at will. We make this easy with our affordable duplication service, and we can make as many copies of your keys as you’d like. We can also cut an entirely new key if you happen to lose or break your original!
  • Lock Repair: If a lock on your old shed, a seldom-used room, or anywhere else on your property becomes faulty, we can perform a repair to help you regain smooth entry into that part of your property in record time, without having to replace the original lock.


Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive locksmith services are often required in Milpitas, and Real Time Locksmith is here to help. Whether your key broke, you locked your keys in your car, or your ignition has malfunctioned, the Real Time Locksmith team can provide on-site assistance when it’s needed most, and we even offer a few supplementary services.

Here’s how the Real Time Locksmith team can help you with your automotive locksmith needs in Milpitas:

  • Re-Access: We’ve all locked our keys in our car, and depending on where we’re at or what the current circumstances are, that can be a very dangerous situation; leaving you exposed to the environment during adverse conditions, or forcing you to remain outside in an unfriendly area in the middle of the night. Because of this, regaining access to your vehicle as quickly as possible should be one of your main priorities in lock-out situation, and Real Time Locksmith can help. We’ll dispatch a team member to your location and re-access your car on-site, so you can safely and confidently return to the road.
  • Ignition Repair: If your ignition goes out, you can’t turn on your vehicle. Luckily, the Real Time Locksmith team can dispatch a professional and experienced locksmith to your location asap to fully repair or replace your vehicle’s ignition.
  • Broken Key Removal: Whether you turn it too hard when the lock gets stuck, or your ignition fails and refuses to budge, breaking your car key is a major problem. Not only do you lose access to your vehicle or make it so the vehicle can’t be turned on, but your key gets stuck inside of the vehicles lock or ignition system. We can remove the broken key, and then you can utilize our other supplementary services to get a new key or repair your damaged systems.
  • Key Duplication and Cutting: If you want to avoid getting re-access services every time you lock yourself out of your vehicle, consider having us duplicate your car key to provide you with a spare! We can also cut an entirely new key, including chip keys, if you lose the original.

Lock Repair: If the locks on your vehicle become damaged, your vehicle is fair game for thieves and other nefarious criminals. Real Time Locksmith can repair or replace your vehicle’s lock system to keep you and your property safe at all times. Call us today to secure your possessions!

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