Locksmith in San Jose CA

locksmith services in san jose
Get the best locksmith service in San Jose

The best locksmith service in San Jose CA.

car locksmtih in san jose
The best automotive locksmith service in San Jose

When it comes to locksmith services you need a reliable locksmith to deal with your precious belongings. Whether it’s your house, car or business.

These days, when everyone can search Google for locksmith services in San Jose or others, you may find tons of results.

How to choose the best locksmith among them?

In San Jose, there are many locksmith services. There are probably many reliable among them but on the other hand, you might face a scammer.

Car key replacement in San Jose
We hold on stock all car key replacements. For foreign and domestic cars.

Even when you check the reviews on Google Maps, the results don’t reflect the actual answer.

SEO guys might push reviews and build up a fake locksmith reputation for any business.

The secret is to look for the details.

If a locksmith is a reliable and working locksmith in San Jose, they must have real images and videos.

When a locksmith presents only stock images and animated videos, it’s suspicious.

Mobile Locksmith vs. Storefront

mobile locksmith in san jose
All the magic happens in our mobile locksmith lab.

There are many locksmith technicians that operate a mobile locksmith service. While others will hold a locksmith storefront in San Jose. No doubt that a storefront is much better.

A locksmith that has only an online presence, and no storefront, is much harder to be trucked. You must check that the locksmith service you’ve ordered has at least a branded car.

When you are approaching a locksmith store in San Jose, you have a place to go back when something is wrong.

What kind of job you want to be done?

Commercial Locksmith san jose
We can replace and install any commercial door lock.

Most of the locksmith offers the basics of every locksmith services, such as:

  • Residential locksmith
  • Commercial locksmith
  • Automotive locksmith

While these are the main services, there are some more complicated services.

  • Safe lockout service
  • Car computer reflash
  • Foreign (and expensive) car key replacement and remotes, such as BMW and Mercedes.
  • Tubular keys (for vending machines)
  • Laser key cutting (requires expensive equipment and knowledge)

What is a simple job for a locksmith?

Door lock change in San jose
Get a door lock change or repair by Real Time Locksmith

Any lock and key technician should acquire the basics skills that every locksmith should be aware of.

  • Car lockout service (cheap equipment and easy to use)
  • Change locks (doorknobs and deadbolts)
  • Change key combination
  • Key extraction

Why you should choose a local locksmith in San Jose?

local locksmith in san jose
The best local locksmith business in San Jose

For many reasons. First, you want to be sure the company is here in San Jose to stay. Many SEO experts manipulate Google and pay a lot for Google Ads in order to catch your attention.

A local locksmith will care. The online business of SEO’s experts hires freelancers technicians and pays a small commission to the technician.

This is why sometimes the technician will rip you off. He wants to make more profit by increasing your total.

A local locksmith will care more for his reputation. When you are driving around in San Jose streets, you don’t want to face an angry customer at Wallmart.

What do our clients say about us?

locksmith services in san jose
Get the best locksmith service in San Jose

From “You save my life” to “Thank You for a great service” and between. We are proud to have a local locksmith service since 2008. We want San Jose residents to feel safe and secure. No hassle, no hidden fees.

Good locksmith service and beyond.

When you trust a locksmith you won’t replace it with another. That’s our motto.

We serve the area of San Jose. 24/7 emergency locksmith service is available. It doesn’t matter if you lost your car keys at Costco or you’ve been locked out of your car or house.

We will never let you down!

You can trust us to give you the best locksmith experience ever! Our team and the owner will do everything to make you pleased.

If the customer is stuck with no money, we will give him a ride to the bank. If the customer need a discount, don’t hesitate to ask.

We want your five stars review on Google Maps no matter what!

Affordable Locksmith and coupons

From time to time we offer great deals for a spare car key, lock change, and others.

If you are interested in our deals, you better join our Facebook page.

We know it’s not easy to pay for car remotes and keys and we will go beyond the hill to bring you the best locksmith service and price.


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