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Call a reliable locksmith in Santa Clara, CA.

There are several instances when we have received distress calls from our customers. Most of these customers will ask for the most urgent response, while others will request for advice. Nonetheless, the services you receive from a lock and key technician, will be restricted to homes, business, automotives, and safes. However, each of these categories branches further to more specific services.

As a result, you will need to hire the right locksmith for the job. But why us?

We understand the basics of lock services. We are a trained skilled company with years of experience. Our works are always subject to quality, coupled with customer relations. Even more, our services will not cost you an arm! We are an affordable locksmith company in Santa Clara, CA.

Residential locksmith in San Jose, CA

patio lock repaired san jose
patio lock repaired

Residential locks services go beyond lock and key services. With residential areas being on the front when it comes to burglary, people are now installing complex security systems to keep themselves secure. Other services include;

  • Keypad and intercom installation
  • residential master key repair and installation
  • home access control systems
  • residential re-key and duplication
  • car key replacement services.
  • commercial lock repair and installation

Intercom installation

With this system, you gain security and privacy in your home. This system enables you to know the person trying to get access to your place before they enter. Also, this system allows for inter-room communication in your house, making life more convenient. Depending on your preference, you can either choose the audio or video intercom system.

Master key system installation

A master key system is a group of locks can have their key to open them but can also be opened by one key called the master key. This means that with this system, you do not have to carry a bunch of keys for each door. Only a single key is enough. This system not only brings convenience but also comes with excellent security and privacy. Even better, the homeowner can customize this key to meet his own needs.

Access control system installation

As the name suggests, this system helps to control those gaining access to your compound. Access control systems come in different types, all designed to meet your requirements. Access control systems enable you to know the specific people who are at your premises at a particular time since only those allowed to get in will access your place.

Commercial lock repair

Lockout situations come in much unexpected time. The most frustrating lockouts are those that occur in our business places. Time is a critical factor in every business. Every minute counts and can earn us more clients or make us lose them. Thus, having a professional that you can call at any time of the day or night for your commercial emergencies is crucial. Your technician should be able to replace broken locks and repair the faulty ones. Different locks have different repair approaches. The deadbolt, for instance, is disassembled by unscrewing, which is entirely different from the doorknob locks. Thus, knowledge on how to go about each type of lock is essential. Also, the professional should have skills on the installation of master key systems and have experience in the most advanced security upgrades there are. This way, he will be in a position to guide you in any situation.

Car key replacement in Santa Clara, CA.

Key cutting
How to become a locksmith in San Jose

Car lockout, losing car keys and ignition problems are some of the key reasons as to why you would need the services of an automotive locksmith. Car problems can arise in the middle of the journey or at many unexpected times. With a reliable partner, car troubles should not trouble you. The professional should be able to cut and duplicate car keys, repair damaged locks, and a faulty ignition and program car keys.

Safe lockout services

These services have become advanced in the modern world. This is due to the advance in the technology used to make today’s safes. The old safes mostly used safe combinations. These are now become outdated and overtaken by digital locks that use the bolting system. This system prevents the safe from opening without its code. When closed, the bolt prevents the handle from moving, thus, securing the safe. This kind of tech makes it difficult to open the safe in case you forget the code. Without a key, it is not possible to pick the lock. Thus, a professional should know other opening techniques like wedging, prying, and sawing.

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