Boat locksmith

Boat locksmith
yacht cabin interior with table and dashboard

Get To Know the Services of a Boat Locksmith in San Jose

You have just reached the marina, you get on your boat and search for your keys when suddenly you feel your heart drop when realize that you can’t find them.

That feeling you feel inside of you is common for owners who lost their keys.

There is no need to panic.  Once I was going out to fish with my son when I went to turn the lock on my boat, and the key broke.

You could see the disappointment in my son’s face when he realized there was a chance we would not be going fishing.

I tried fumbling with the key, only to end up with more damages to my lock. I gave up and decided to call in for professional help.

In less than 15 minutes, trained and experienced experts, qualified as professional boat locksmith in San Jose were at the bay ready to help.

It took them a very short time to remove the key, replace the lock, and give me a new key.

As the locksmiths were installing the lock and making the original key, I got to learn of other services they offered. These include:

Boat locksmith San Jose
Boat repairs in a repair yard
  • New lock installation
  • Boat lock picking
  • Key replacement and duplication.
  • Ignition key repair
  • Boat re-key and replacement

New lock installation San Jose

Is it that time when you have to change your old locks for an upgrade?

Several factors may prompt this.

Either you have replaced or made several copies of your keys hence the security and integrity of the lock are questionable.

Or simply because you feel the need to upgrade to a newer and more secure lock.

This should be done by a licensed and qualified professional. Choosing the right person for this task is not all that easy as it may look.

You need to ask yourself if the locksmith is responsible?

Is he/she is knowledgeable about most locks? Is he or she a professional?

You don’t need to worry when you choose to work with us. At Real Time Locksmith, we only have professional locksmiths that know what they’re doing, our high reviews are our testament. 

Lock picking

Have you ever been in a situation where you have accidentally lost or locked your keys inside your boat?

You might be tempted to break the lock or worse try to pick the lock forcefully.

Lock picking is a skill that should apply to professionals.

Even with the basic knowledge of how lock picking works, you still need the practice to perfect picking a lock with no damage to the lock itself.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, choose Real Time Locksmith to come and assist.

We are available anytime day and night. With our 24-hour service and locksmiths on the clock, we will always help you.

Our locksmiths have had a lot of experience in lock picking and will do commendable work for you.

Boat locksmith
yacht cabin interior with table and dashboard

Ignition key installation

You are probably wondering why a locksmith would be dealing with the ignition of a boat.

The reason is the locksmith deals with the lock itself but not the other mechanical part of the ignition.

We leave that to the professional mechanics. When it comes to ignition key installation.

Accuracy and precision are of utmost importance. You need to choose a company that does it best.

At Real Time Locksmith we install ignition locks. Our locksmiths are on call anytime, day or night.

Additionally, they are always fully equipped with state of the art equipment.

The installation is done onsite with the least time possible.

You can never go wrong if you choose to work with Real-Time Locksmith San Jose.

Rekeying and testing

Rekeying is common in situations where a key has been lost or replaced too many times.

This is because it threatens the safety of the boat. It is, however, cheaper compared to replacing the whole lock.

A professional boat locksmith in San Jose will achieve rekeying by changing the old lock pins with new lock pins.

You can also rekey if you want to make a master key for all locks on your boat. We also test lock to check whether or not they are secure.

We leave no stones unturned.

With our locksmiths who have lengthy years of experience with lock vulnerabilities, we have our customers at our greatest interest. Contact us today and we’ll be there at your assistance in no time!

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