Car Key Extraction

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Its never easy to have your key or lock break,

It sometimes occurs that your lock can break inside of your lock and render it as unusable.

Such an occurrence can cause both panic and anger, but it’s essential to remain calm in this scenario.

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of automobile owners, broken keys can be extracted from their locks.

Here at Real Time Locksmith we got all your lock and key problems covered!

car key extraction
Car key locksmith services

All Makes And All Models

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a bus, a van, truck, or any manner of car, we can extract broken keys from your vehicle.

Using state of the art tools, our locksmiths can remove broken keys from cars both new and old.

  • door  locks
  • trucks
  • ignition keyholes
  • vending machines
  • trunks
  • glove boxes
  • house locks

Lock Inspections

Upon successfully removing broken keys from an automobile’s locks, our technicians will inspect your locks for any damage shattered keys might have caused to it.

In the vast majority of extractions, the integrity of a lock remains but in those scenarios where a lock is damaged we can replace that lock on-site, even if it’s an ignition.

We arrive at every job site with all the tools and experience needed to replace existing locks, cut new keys, and even re-key a vehicle!

car lockout service
Car lockout service in San Jose

Your Quality Automotive Locksmith

Never panic when your lock or key fail you, panic never produces good results, so it’s essential to remain calm when this happens, and when you begin to search for the right locksmith.

Fortunately, mobile devices make finding a locksmith in San Jose easy.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that you should never hire any locksmith that isn’t licensed, bonded, and insured.

Real-Time Locksmith carries all of those above for both its and its customers’ protection.

Our employees arrive on-site both in easily identifiable vehicles and in uniform.

Our goal is here to put our best foot forward to foster trust in people that might be not only in a hurry but agitated as well.

We want you to be comfortable and at ease while we extract broken keys from your vehicle.

Both customer service and satisfaction are very high priorities for us here at Real Time Locksmith.