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Replicate Your Key through Chip Key Cutting in San Jose.

A chip key is commonly known as the transponder key.

It gets the name chip key from the chip it has. This chip provides added levels of convenience and security to the car.

This is because the vehicle will not open with a random key. To access the car or start it, this key has to be programmed.

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lockout locksmith San Jose

Programming and reprogramming a chip key is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

Most of the calls we receive from our customers range from lost keys, locked keys to upgrading current locks.

Nonetheless, the need for a new key is crucial. There are different types of technologies that you could use to replicate a key.

Deciding on a specific technique depends on the type of key you want as well as your security and safety needs.

When it comes to chip key cutting, it is a reliable technique for your hi-security key.

Moreover, when you have such a key for your car, home or commercial premise, you do not want to leave it in the hands of a novice.

That is why it is important to have a licensed and certified locksmith in San Jose for the job.

But what are some of the services you will get out of chip key cutting services?

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  • Chip key programming
  • chip key repair
  • Car key programming
  • chip key replacement
  • Car key replacement
  • Chip key reprogramming

Chip key programming process

There are a few steps to follow to program your key.

First, to program the key, you should be inside the vehicle and have the doors locked.

When inside, the next step is to insert the chip key in the ignition of the vehicle.

Next, turn the key to on position. Leave the key on the on position for about ten minutes and then rotate it to off mode.

Repeat these two steps for three more times and on the last time, turn the key to off mode.

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Turn the key on one last time, and with that, you complete the programming sequence after which you are ready to use the key.

You can repeat this process for more than one key and have yourself programmed spare keys.

Why chip keys are more secure than other standard keys

Chips keys provide security for your car in two ways.

One, the help to prevent car theft by making the ignition lock ineffective, which in other words, is called hot wiring.

When a vehicle using this key does not detect the microchip, then, it cannot open nor start.

Besides, the locks of a car using this key cannot be easily picked. Besides, a chip key has a virtually unique digital ID that other ordinary car keys do not possess.

This digital ID creates more combinations that increase the security of your car and prevents the use of other keys in your vehicle.

Chip key cutting and programming price

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Generally, chip key cutting and programming services are considered to be more expensive compared to other standard keys.

This is because to get the microchip copied or even cut requires expensive and sophisticated machines.

These machines are not readily available in the stores, and one has to go to the car dealership.

A few specialists who have them offer the services at a higher price but lower than a car dealership will.

Also, it requires more skills to perform this task.

Chip key repair and replacement

As much as a chip key is sturdy and convenient, it sometimes malfunctions.

When you tend to drop your chip key more often, the key might break or even get the inner parts damage.

When the key is faulty, it functions inefficiently or not function at all.

Chip keys may spoil due to too high temperatures or when they get wet.

At this point, you will need to use your spare key or contact a specialist to repair it immediately.

Also, sometimes, a chip key will stop functioning due to dead batteries.

This problem is addressed by changing the batteries with new ones.

When your chip key is faulty, avoid tinkering them since you will end up making the problem even more significant.

Call a professional for repair since they have the skills to diagnose the issue.