Commercial Lockout Services

Commercial Lockout Services | locksmith in San Jose
House lockout. Our expert locksmith picks a home lock

Office Lockout

The well-trained specialists at Real Time Locksmith will faultlessly perform any lockout service for offices in The Bay Area, both small and large businesses. Our distinct experts specialize in the repairs and replacements of all types of locks from broken key duplications, to key extractions, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of specialists will cautiously bypass any form of access control in order to help you gain entry. Your business is as important to us as it is to you! Don’t hesitate to call us for the quickest office lockout assistance in San Jose today!

Combination Keypad Lock

We are versatile at Real Time Locksmith, you can entrust your lock combination with us. If you forgot your combination there is no need to worry, we’ll be your saviours. Our technicians will efficiently unlock your dial safe with no damage, then successfully change the safe combination.

We understand that safes protect vital and sensitive information that may be needed immediately. Don’t you worry! The locksmith pro at Real Time Locksmiths will come to your aid within minutes!


Buzzer System

At Real Time Locksmith, we offer various types of high-quality buzzer systems in California for commercial and residential buildings. However, all buzzers were not created equal, there are several kinds of buzzers designed for different, special purposes.

They can easily be installed, dismantled, and re-installed for use just in case you move to a new location. If you are uncomfortable fitting the buzzers personally, we have reserved operators who will awesomely handle the installation, maintenance, and repair as needed at an impressive cost.

Rekey Lock

Candidly, rekeying locks is often an overwhelming process for business and home owners alike. Rekeying all locks in a building can be quite stressful, but when it involves your safety and security, it’s just a small price to pay. Also, rekeying gives a new opportunity to adopt new technology into your office and home security.

With our exceptional rekeying services, we’ll change locks with keypads or do a perfect combination of traditional lock, keys and keyless entries. Our lock replacement professionals will carefully walk you through the thorough process and equally provide detailed answers to all your questions. Your safety is our necessity!