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Real-Time Locksmith is a San Jose commercial locksmith service that has been operating in the greater San Jose area for over 10 years.

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In those 10 plus years, Real-Time Locksmith has assisted businesses in and around San Jose by ensuring that their commercial structures remain secure and free from all issues pertaining to locks.

Our locksmith services are designed to address the high demands and needs of businesses operating in commercial structures.

Our services include but are not limited to the installation, repair, and replacement of access control systems, panic hardware, high-security locks, surveillance equipment, and of course traditional keys and locks.

The In’s And Out’s Of Commercial Buildings

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Real-Time Locksmith can assist business owners in making their place of operation safe and secure, be that at entryways, exits, or on the insides of commercial buildings as well.

Our technicians not only install various types of locks and door systems at entryways around a commercial building but they can also do the same to places like conference rooms, management areas, server rooms, and even break rooms and restrooms.

Additionally, our commercial locksmith services include work on safes and even lock-boxes and mailboxes as well.

Should an employee ever find themselves locked out of building, a company car, or a specific room within a building we can help.

Comprehensive Commercial Locksmith Services

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The following is a list of services we offer to businesses in and around San Jose.

  • Access Control System:

These types of locks are hi-tech marvels that essentially allow someone in another part of your building to open a door and to lock and unlock it.

Access control systems give business owners and managers the ultimate in security be enabling only their most trusted employees to open certain areas within a building.

Whether your business needs an access control system installed, repaired, or replaced, Real-Time Locksmith has got you covered.

We work quickly and are available both during and after business hours.

  • Broken Key Removal:
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A reliable commercial door lock. Our locksmith inspects both the inside and outer knobs.

Like anything else, keys wear out over time. When they have worn enough, they can and do break off inside of locks.

Such a scenario can be terribly inconvenient, especially when it means you can’t get into your building or continue operating efficiently.

Real-Time Locksmith can extract broken keys from any lock with relative ease.

Moreover, we will inspect the affected locks for collateral damage before we leave and can cut our customer’s new keys onsite.

  • Lock Repair:

After years of usage and sometimes accidents or compromise locks will break or malfunction.

These types of breakages can impact your business’ productivity and it’s the ability to function normally.

In most scenarios, malfunctioning locks can be repaired in a short amount of time by our staff.

Those locks that are irreparably damaged can be replaced easily and quickly as well.

  • Panic Bars:
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Standard and high security locks in San Jose

Businesses with more than a handful of employees are required to have panic bars installed at entry and exit ways.

OSHA enforces heavy and expensive penalties to non-compliant businesses and inspections can come at any time.

Real-Time Locksmith installs new panic bars in commercial structures and also repairs them.

Properly working panic bars allow customers, employees, and guests to exit otherwise locked doors without the need for codes and/or keys.

In the event of an emergency panic bars minimize panic and injury and can save lives.

  • High Tech Locks:

Traditional keys and locks are still apt security measures and deterrents but owners of commercial structures often want an added layer of security.

In such cases, high tech locks are the way to go and Real-Time Locksmith can handle all of your modern lock needs/demands.

We routinely install and repair keypad locks, biometric locks, key card systems, and other modern lock systems at places of business.

  • Master Keys Systems:

Businesses with sensitive data and those who want to stagger or restrict access to specific locations can opt to have Real-Time Locksmith install a master key system.

These systems essentially give one person total control over which employees have access to which areas.

In addition to installing master key systems, we also repair those that have malfunctioned and replaced those that are irreparable.

  • Office Lockouts:
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It may seem that only homeowners lock themselves out of their homes but in reality, employees, managers, and even building owners find themselves locked out of their workplace with a surprising frequency.

Real-Time Locksmith has been helping people get back into their places of business for over a decade and can easily bypass both traditional and high tech locks to get people back to work.

We are also available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in order to serve businesses that may or may not operate during traditional business hours.

  • Re-keying A Business: 

Locks are sometimes compromised by unscrupulous or careless individuals and in such cases, an entire commercial building’s locks may need to be replaced or upgraded.

Real Time Locksmith can re-key individual locks as well as those throughout an entire business.

Additionally, we can upgrade businesses’ locks so as to make another compromise extremely unlikely.

Whether a business is moving from simple deadbolt locks to a key card system or just needs to “change its locks” we perform our work quickly and with great care.

Why Use Our San Jose Commercial Locksmith Services?

commercial locksmith San Jose
commercial locksmith San Jose

There are a great number of San Jose locksmiths operating in and around the San Jose area but Real-Time Locksmith is the area’s premier locksmith service.

Over the course of a decade and some change, we have earned our customers trust via integrity, honesty, our quick response time, emphasis on customer service, and of course our superior results.

We offer free quotes over the phone and work with businesses of all sizes. Give us a call, you’ll be happy with our service.