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Residential Services- Deadbolt services in San Jose

Security is the backbone of development in any sector of the economy.

You do not want to leave your business, home, or even warehouse unguarded.

You always try your best to ensure that you have affordable services at any time.

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That’s what I wanted when I went in to look for a security lock for my home.

There had been a recent rise in the rate of break-ins in homes, and I had to take action lest I live to regret it.

I call to Real-Time Locksmith, and that is where I got to learn about the various types of deadbolt locks.

According to them, professional residential services go hand in hand with their deadbolt services in San Jose.

According to their sales team, they offer a wide range of deadbolt locks.

What is a deadbolt lock?

As the word suggests, the deadbolt lock can only move from its locked position by turning a key.

Therefore, you can rely on a Locksmith for optimum security when you know who has the key to your home.

There are many types of deadbolt locks from different manufacturers.

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All serve the same purpose of protecting your residence from forced entry.

However, they vary in the mode of operation and the level of security they offer.

Types of Deadbolt Services in San Jose

There are many types of deadbolt services offered by Real Time Locksmith.

When it comes to residential services, our deadbolt services in San Jose, we offer:

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  • Single cylinder deadbolt
  • Double cylinder deadbolt
  • Keyless entry deadbolt
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Deadbolt repair
  • Commercial and residential deadbolt service

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This type of lock only allows you to open the lock from the outside using a key.

On the inside, there is a metallic bar that will enable you to lock and unlock the door when you need to.

If you have a home and are thinking of installing a lock on your front door, then, a single-cylinder deadbolt is the perfect solution.

It restricts the entry from outside to the correct key, while allowing free access from the inside.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This type of deadbolt is an advanced model of the single cylinder deadbolt.

From the deadbolt services in San Jose offered by Real Time Locksmith, the double cylinder lock comes with controlled access on both sides.

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Deadbolt Services in San Jose

This means that you need to have the correct key to be able to open the lock, whether from the inside or the outside.

When you have a window close to your door, then a double cylinder deadbolt is the highest security lock.

This is because even if they break the window while trying to sneak into your home, the burglars will not be able to open the door without the right key.

However, if you need a clear exit in the event of an emergency, it is good to forego these locks.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt

When you talk of convenience offered by deadbolt services in San Jose, then you must have thought of keyless entry.

You do not need to have an elaborate piece of the lock to have the security and convenience in one package.

When it comes to offering residential locksmith services, we are very professional and affordable. Therefore, we present the keyless entry deadbolt.

This type of lock does not require a key, but rather a keypad to open or lock the deadbolt.

When you need it, we also offer you a remote, with which you can open the door or close it without touching the keypad.

The keyless entry deadbolt works with a unique password that you set. Only when the password is correct can the door unlock.

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Therefore, you can be sure that no one will get into your house without your permission.

If you fear that you will forget the password, the lock comes with a key, which you can use to override your set password.

Installation of a Deadbolt Lock

When it comes to the proper installation of a deadbolt lock, hiring a professional is critical to ensure you get the full benefits of the lock.

You do not want to install the lock by yourself only to find you are unable to lock the door.

On the other hand, you want the lock to fit on the other end perfectly.

You need some special tools for drilling and sealing, all of which are quite expensive to hire.

We will install the locks for you; wherever you need one, we have got you covered.

We ensure that the work has a perfect finishing touch so that you are happy with the results.

Call us today and have professional deadbolt services in San Jose.