Car keys for Dodge in San Jose

dodge key remote san jose
We do all car key replacements for Dodge

Dodge manufacture different car models that come in numerous different designs.

dodge remote programming san jose
We will create a new remote and key for your Dodge

If you own a Dodge you will need contacts of a professional technician who can help you when you need locksmith services.

When you misplace the Dodge car key, at Real Time Locksmith, we are ready to offer car key services at an affordable cost.

Dodge car key fob replacement

Dodge car key fob replacement is a common service offered by a professional technician.

You understand the fob keys are complicated and can only be handled by an expert.

If you hire a neighbourhood locksmith, the price would most certainly be cheaper, but expect the job to be as cheap.

To avoid such cases, we offer quality services at an affordable cost to all San Jose residents.  We ensure that our customers gets the value for your money.

Trust us with your Dodge car key and be sure to get affordable & professional service.

Dodge car key batteries inspection and replacement

Most Dodge cars that are manufactured after 1995 have a transponder chip.

The transponder is programmed to open only a specific car by sending some radio signal to the receiver.

The transponder part contains an electric circuit that uses the battery to emit the signals.

When the battery dies, it simply means that your car key will no longer be useful.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you need to call Real-Time Locksmith San Jose to help you in Dodge car key battery inspection and replacement.

Our team has handled all Dodge models and understand how their key functions. We also have batteries for all the keys you can ever imagine.

Key cutting and programming in san jose
Key cutting in San Jose

Dodge re-key services

There is a time when we feel that we should change our car locks and ignition due to many reasons.

Changing a Dodge car lock is an expensive thing, especially when you opt for a car dealership or mechanics.

You can cut down the middlemen by hiring the services of a dodge re-key directly.

Contact us to help you with rekeying services. When we offer you re-keying services, you are sure that we will help you in changing the lock components.

We are experienced, and we have offered re-keying services to many satisfied customers.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you don’t have any challenges, and the security of your car is not compromised.

When it comes to the re-keying cost, we are affordable, and we charge a fraction of what the Dodge car dealership will charge you.

Transponder key programming for Dodge

Transponder key needs to be programmed for it’s to function in your car. The transponder key is designed in such a way that they can only work on a specific cars.

Even if you have the same car model and make, one transponder can’t work on both cars.

car key replacement dodge san jose
We can program and cut any car key for affordable prices all over San Jose

Also, when you misplace your key, you will need to hire key cutting services and programming services. This will not be the case if you hire us.

We are one-stop-shop for all Dodge car locks services.

We understand and know how to cut the key using the code machine as well as programming both the fob and transponder key.

The programming period should not take more than one hour. We will reprogram and program your transponder key for Dodge.

Emergency Dodge car key replacement

An emergency car locksmith is needed when you are not expecting it.

Thus there is a need for having the contact of a car locksmith to be on the safe side.

We offer emergency Dodge car key replacement at an affordable cost. It doesn’t matter what time you will need our services; we will be there for you.

We make sure that we give you the convenience needed.

If you are stuck, call us, and we will be on the site within a few minutes.

Since we have a highly trained and experienced technician, you are sure that when you call us, you will get a viable solution.