Emergency Locksmith Services

There are many reasons you might need a Locksmith.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in everyone’s lives. But you never know who the old owner gave a key to. There’s only one way to remain safe and sleep easy at night. We can quickly and conveniently rekey your home for you.

Losing or breaking a key is a very common occurrence. Unfortunately, you don’t notice the need for new key until you’re stuck in an inconvenient position. We keep our locksmiths ready and able to help you out of any inconvenience you face.

  • Overtime locks can break down and become damaged and non-functional or impractical. While you can’t prevent this from happening, one phone call or e-mail to us can get this problem fixed fast and easy.
  • Single key access can be a necessity in your home. It could be that your shed needs a lock accessible to the gardening equipment. Your pool maintenance crew could need access to the back of your garage to get to your pool system. No matter what your need is for a single key access location, we can help set it up.
  • Upgrading your home security is something everyone considers and should do periodically. Whether it’s to get the latest technology that comes with increased convenience or just to sleep better at night. We can help with your upgrades and guide you through how to use them best to keep you safe.

Sometimes your need is fairly small and simple. You might have your locks set up and just need a new key created from the old lock. This is a service we can provide for you.

Forgetting your combination can be frustrating. Despite all the different ways we try to memorize number combinations, our brain is always capable of simply drawing a blank. With some locks we can reset the combination and help make your combination easier to remember. In other cases, a lock replacement is necessary. We can provide the correct solution quickly and easily. It does not matter if the lock is electronic or manual. We can help.

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There are many benefits to rekeying your home.

There are lots of reasons why you need to rekey your home. Buying a new home, renting a new home (with your landlord’s permission), a security breach, or even lost or damaged keys. No matter what the reason for rekeying your home, there are many benefits that come with it.


Setting up a Master Key

Carrying around two, three or ten keys for your home isn’t practical, convenient, or logical. Setting up a master key means there is one key that will work for every door. You can also keep the individual keys for each of the doors if you need to provide access to only one space. This will let you keep only one key on your key ring and free up more space in your memory and pocket.


Custom Lock

Many locks that are store bought come made generic. This also means they’re not as safe. By having your lock rekeyed you’re improving the security quality of every lock in your home that you rekey. Once the rekey is complete every lock will be custom and not find any key that’s made to fit into a generic lock.


Cost Effective

Replacing every lock in your home can be expensive. Rekeying can be done in less than 15 minutes per lock for a fraction of the cost. Replacing a lock is a lot more time consuming. This means you’ll wind up paying a lot more for your locksmith because of the time commitment. Why create extra work when there’s a more cost effective and time effective solution?


No need to change your home’s look

You might have spent a fair amount of time getting your locks to look perfect in your home. Not everyone is ready to have them all replaced because they lost their key in a public place. A good alternative solution that will keep your home’s appeal is rekeying.


Fixes a security breach quickly

After a break in the last thing you want to do is wait for new locks to come in and be installed. Rekeying is fast, easy, and much cheaper. Rekeying your home comes with the same amount of protection as replacing all the locks in your house does. You are not sacrificing safety for time and money. Instead, you’re taking advantage of a service that can only be provided by experienced locksmiths.


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Key duplication is an under used cost-effective solution

Sometimes you’ve lost a key in your own home and know that all the current locks still work and are keeping you safe. But you don’t have a way to unlock them. Rather than get new locks for each of your doors you can hire us to perform a key duplication.

Unlike the machines in Home Depot and Lowe’s locksmiths can create a key from an existing lock. This is done by carving out a blank key or using a key impression. The best part is this can be done without un-assembling one of your locks.

Looking for a lost key can take hours, days and even months in the worse of situations. Rather than waste your time our locksmith experts are ready to quickly solve your missing key needs.


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Here’s a little bit about us:

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week

Getting locked out is never planned and never happens at your convenience. At 2 am, when you’re tired and just want to get home. We’re here for you. Anytime. Anyplace. Quickly to handle any of your lock needs.



We have a long history of upholding our reputation as one of the most trustworthy locksmiths in our area. We run background checks on all of our employees and hold them to rigorous standards. All of our locksmiths are licensed and insured. This is because we believe in earning and ensuring your trust.


Fast and Prepared

Do you need an emergency locksmith fix? We understand that life can come at an extremely fast pace. We also know that some issues need to be dealt with right now. With our 24/7 availability, we can arrive onsite immediately and solve all of your needs. We keep our locksmiths gear and transportation ready to go and multiple on shift. We are always ready for your emergent needs.


Lock Repair services

Was your space recently broken into? Break-ins happen and can leave you restless. We off services to help you sleep again at night. Our lock repair services will put your mind at ease. Any lock that can’t be repaired, we can replace for you. Whether it’s your front door dead bolt, window locks, or any other way they broke into your residence. We’re here to help.


Private residence

It’s never fun when you get locked out of your house. Sometimes you forget, lose, or even break your key. Other times you need to remove access to the home from someone that has a current key. We can get you back inside your home safely without breaking a window or a door down. We’re ready and prepared no matter what the situation is. Our experienced, licensed, and trained locksmiths can handle any situation with your home no matter how bad you think your situation is.


Business locations

It’s 1am and after you left to go get a cup of coffee while pulling a late shift, you left your key on your desk. Your employee that’s supposed to be opening the store today lost their copy of the key. The supply closet has been locked since the old office manager left last month. No matter the cause, number of locks, or timely need we are here to help. Because we are fast and prepared, we can answer calls that have an immediate need for an experienced locksmith.


Car Services

Did your car locks stop working? Did your kids hit the lock button while playing in the car and lock you out? Did your dog accidentally hit the wrong button? There’s no need to call an Uber or Lyft. Our lock smiths will take this closed lane and turn it into a small speed bump in your day. Some of these are also emergencies and we are equipped and ready to handle any of your immediate needs.


You can breathe a sigh of relief and feel confident in us. We’re licensed, insured, experienced and fast lock smiths at your disposal. We are ready and willing to help with any and all of your locksmithing needs!

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