Gate Lock repair

Gate Lock repair
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How to know it is time for a gate lock repair.

  • Do you have a sliding gate or a swing gate?
  • Garage gate or electric gate?

All of that doesn’t matter.

Here are all the detail;

  • When to call for gate lock repair

    locksmith near me San Jose
    locksmith near me San Jose
  • how to repair a broken lock on the gate
  • Identifying issues with your lock gate
  • Installing the wrap-around-plate
  • Install a strike plate on the gate frame.

How to know when it is time for a gate lock repair

There are a few signs that could indicate that you might need a gate lock repair service. This is because it is quite expensive to go straight to lock replacement, especially if your locks are still intact. According to Real Time Locksmith, when you notice a crack on your gate, then you should start thinking of a repair. This is because the break will cause a misalignment of the lock and the latch, making it hard to lock and unlock the gate with ease. When you hear things moving around in your lock when you open your gate, then maybe it is time you called in a professional to help you out.

How do you repair a gate lock?

When the size of the gate is large and the locks are expensive, then replacement is out of the question. You need to work with what you have to make sure that your locks are secure and your gate will no longer have the same problem in the future. So, how do you ensure that you get value for your money and better results? Well, the solution lies with us. With the well trained and highly experienced locksmiths we have, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the end product.

Inspect the lock and the gate to identify the problem

If you notice that the lock on your gate has issues, you will contact the experts immediately. You do not want to leave your home vulnerable. So, when they get to your location, the first thing they do is inspect the state of your locks. Are the bolts loose? Do they have some free parts that are almost falling off? Are there any cracks on the gate that could lead to a similar problem in the future? If so, then they move to the next part of identifying the perfect solution for your door.

If there are cracks on the door:

First, install a wrap-a-round plate

Although this is an expensive option, you might want to think of all the benefits you stand to gain from it. Although the cost of making the plates may be a bit high, you can be sure to reap the most from it. For instance, once you install the plate, you can forget the routine maintenance of your gate lock for a few years.  Also, your locks have the warranty of stating in place since the plate does not crack like the wood or wear out quickly. With a custom made plate, with the dimensions of your gate, you can be sure that the end product will last longer and offer better service to you.

Anchor strike plates onto the gate frame

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Once you have all the materials with you, it is time to start the gate lock repairs. The first thing to do is to anchor the strike plate to the wall with some screws. This way, they are in a fixed position and easy to work on. When it is time to fit in the plate, make sure it fits according to the dimensions. However, if there is a slight difference, you could always use a clamp to press the door until it fits into the wrap-a-round plate.

Note that when the lock is put back in place, and the lever and rosette do not fit perfectly or have some space left between them, you can always use a spacer. Do not worry about people seeing the area because the lever will cover it upon complete installation.