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Why consider a locksmith for a home key duplication.

One of our clients called when she went back to work after her maternity leave, she would often face the inconvenience of getting home early and not finding anyone at home.

She stayed at home then realized she had forgotten that she needed a key.

Her husband, on noticing how frustrated she was decided to get her a new key.

He already had his copy, and he needed one for her.

He went out and was back in less than 30 minutes with a new key for her.

She was surprised at how fast he was.

It was then that she decided to ask where he got that quick service from.

Without a falter, he proudly told her of Real-Time Locksmith that offers a reliable home key duplication services.

She knew that she would require such a service in the future, so she went ahead to check them out.

From the website, you could gain a lot of what they did. With a wide range of services, they offered, I was attracted to what home key duplication offers.

They had all the information you would need to have a new key for your home. These include;

  • Why call for home key duplication

    Home key duplication
    Our team checks a residential lock for our client. Possible home lock re-key and replacement services
  • The cost of home key duplication
  • Why choose a locksmith for home key duplication
  • Home key duplicating techniques

Reasons for a home key duplication

When you find yourself in the case of a lockout from your own home, you start to think of actions you can take to prevent such occurrences in the future.

One of these is to have a spare key made for your home.

Therefore, you will always have some back up in the event you lose your key.

Also, if you have a new home occupant who needs a key to access your home, you can always make a copy for convenience.

When it is time to replace the old, worn out and probably bent vital, then you will need the services of a professional locksmith to help you make a new copy for your locks.

Additionally, if you lose your key and need a replacement, you can always duplicate the old key from someone who has it.

Then, you can operate your locks whenever you need to use your new duplicate key.

What is the average cost of duplicating a key?

Despite the process being such a lifesaver, you would be shocked at the cost of duplicating a key.

Usually, it ranges from $8 for a blank key to high-security keys that might cost hundreds.

However, depending on the type of lock you have, the material to be used, and the specifications of the key, the price can vary.

Why choose Real-Time Locksmith for your key duplication?

When you settle on a  service provider, they must understand what you want in your new key.

Otherwise, you might end up causing more damage to your home.

To avoid such problems in the future, make a point to only work with the licensed professional in the industry.

That is where a home locksmith in San Jose comes into play. Why should you go to them when you need a home key duplication service?

They are reliable and affordable

San Jose Mobile Locksmith Services by Real Time Locksmith
One of our mobile locksmiths prepares and gets their tools together for a customer’s request.

You do not want a place where you take hours to have your key duplicated.

Conversely, you want a place where the services are top-notch, the key is an exact match and the prices charged are reasonable.

That is what you get from Real-Time Locksmith.

With fair prices in the market, you can rely on us to attend to you in less than 15 minutes and have your key ready to go.

Our costs are charged based on the quality of service you receive.


They have the license to duplicate home keys

According to the law, it is illegal to be found duplicating a home key, especially if the key is not to your home.

However, you can avoid all the inconveniences by hiring a licensed expert to help you make a copy of your home keys.

This way, you are not only operating under the law, but you are sure that you are safe from invasion and fraud.

They have reliable home key duplication technology

When you want to avoid damaging your locks due to a wrongly cut key, then you need to invest in quality services.

At Real Time Locksmith, you will go home with an exact copy of the original key.  You can be sure that no damages will come to your lock.

With laser cutting technology in all our outlets and mobile units, you can rely on us.

  1. For quality keys that will last longer and protect your locks from damage, do not hesitate to contact Real Time Locksmith.