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The idea of being locked out of your own home is frightening.

When it actually happens, however, you’ll be dealing with not only fear but panic, frustration, and anger as well.

Breaking into your own home is not only dangerous but costly as well so this is never an option.

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Get a quick and affordable lockout in San Jose

Instead, consider contacting a local locksmith for assistance.

Real-Time Locksmith services have been helping people get back into their homes all throughout the San Jose area for over ten years.

We arrive on-site within minutes of contact and can have you back in your home in no time.

Moreover, we can cut you new keys onsite and can even re-key your home if the security is a concern for you.

Our San Jose locksmiths are available all hours of the day and night and can provide you with emergency service any day of the year.

Making The Call

The fear and frustration many feel when they discover they are locked out of their home can interfere with decision making.

It’s important to remain calm and then call a locksmith for help.

Prior to making the call however it behooves you to use mobile devices whenever possible in order to ascertain which locksmith is going to be the best.

Spending just a few minutes looking at reviews and a list of services goes a long way in providing you with not only peace of mind but ensures that you get great service as well.

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The best lockout service all over San Jose

The following tips will help you get legitimate locksmith services and back into your home quickly.

  • Professional locksmiths will always arrive in a business vehicle, be it a car, van, or truck. These vehicles are easily identified by their business logo and phone numbers. Be extremely wary of anyone who arrives in an unmarked vehicle. Exercise caution here. All of our locksmiths will arrive on-site in vehicles displaying Real-Time Locksmith insignia.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask the locksmith we send to your home questions and never fear to voice any concerns you might have. We understand just how calming it can be to have questions answered while you wait to get back into your home. Our staff is highly professional and personable. Customer service and satisfaction is our highest priority. One way we ensure the quality of service is to provide all our customers with friendly and attentive staff.


  • All of our locksmiths carry professional identification with them so never hesitate to request these prior to allow our employees to work or gain entry to your home. Seeing these goes a long way in instilling both a sense of safety and confidence in our customers.


  • When our locksmiths arrive at your home be prepared to show proof of residency. You might feel anxious and just want a conclusion to the ordeal you are experiencing, however, this protects both Real-Time Locksmiths as well as its customers.


  • You will notice right away that our locksmiths will attempt to pick your home’s lock rather than going straight for a drill. This is done to save our customers money and time but also because many locks can be subverted without much issue. It’s important to remain patient and give the technician at your home time to try and open the lock without destroying it.


  • It’s easy to conclude that being locked out of your home is a rare occurrence. In reality, homeowners find themselves locked out of their dwellings very commonly. As such it stands to reason that having our number saved in your phone and on other devices can save you a lot of time, panic, and headache.